Monday, July 21, 2008

StockDoubling Stock UPDATE!

I wanted to update on the StockDoubling project.

First on DFNS.OB yes I still own it. Currently the bid/ask is .26 by .29

Which puts the company value under $8.5 million marketcap. I am not going to beat a dead horse you can read my thoughts on the #'s etc.. In previous posts nothing has changed as far as that goes over the last month or two.

Next scheduled news is August 15th which is when the Q2 report is due. HOPEFULLY, they report it before then. They had their biggest sales quarter in Q2 of last year so I am not expecting them to do better than last year. What I am hoping to is some PROFITS! If it losses money again for Q2 then I think the stock could slide a little more. I would love to see a couple cents profit but I don't know if they can get that or not.

They have a decent amount of cash if they do well with the cash they can hopefully get the share price moving higher. But the share price WILL move higher if they EARN $$$. If they can't earn money it will continue to bounce around the .20's to .30's. If they earned a couple cents for the quarter and said things look great going forward then we could get some momentum in the stock.

If they have expenses under control and can earn a profit the worst is probably over. It would have very limited downside. If they can't get margins under control and can't turn a profit then the lows may not be set in. Risk/reward at these levels is pretty good reward for the risk I feel. When it turns I don't know though something has to come out from the company. Such as New orders or buying a company or something.

Last week had some 10k share blocks trade which was nice to see though it did little to the share price. We will have to wait and see until August 15th I guess.

The other stock I own is TATTF it isn't for the stockdoubling project but you can read more about it in previous posts.

It seems to have stablized in the near term at least. And it up a little bit from its lows. I am in at higher prices but I still feel that TATTF is extremely undervalued. Their investment in LIMC is worth $38 million by itself. TATTF marketcap (its own value is only worth $38 million right now) So the millions in cash TATTF has and the other company they own a majority stake in, and their own $20 million a year business is valued at ZERO according to the market.
Its true value will eventually come out I think and I feel $10 isn't out of the question over the next few months. They will need to report earnings along with LIMC by August 15th.

Lastly their is a penny stock that just went long via Marketclub trade triangles I have a video about it at

if you want to check it out.

Have a good day

Saturday, July 12, 2008

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