Thursday, October 30, 2008


Wow they really listened!!

DFNS came out with a buyback! YES YES YES! Wish it was a little bigger but hey I will take it.

$450k buyback if they got all the shares at .30 that is 1.5 million shares bought back.

I don't think they will buy them all back. But I think the bottom is now in. Even if the company comes out with a bad quarter with the buyback in place that is potential 1.5-2 million shares being bought back at lower prices.

Glad I was able to pick some up at .18!

Hopefully that is a good sign for Q3 #'s as well. Q3 earnings should be out by Nov. 14th!



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lots of Updates.....

Its been a while since I had a stock update. I have been busy with the beforeitmoves project.

A few updates.....

1. I bought some additional TATTF on October 10th for a swing trade. (Meaning I didn't want to hold it long just looking for quick gain.) I bought at $4.90 on a Friday. And Sold it on Monday October 13th for $6! A 22% profit in about 3 hours of trading. (I held it over the weekend. But bought it just before the close on Friday and sold it Monday morning) If you were on my yahoo list you could have made that as well. One member did better then me he made 29% on that trade.
I still hold some TATTF at a higher price and still feel it is undervalued. However with current market conditions their is always risk.

2. I also bought additional shares of DFNS (which is our stockdoubling project pick currently) These shares that I bought are NOT for the project but strictly for my own account. I bought the additional shares on October 10 and 13th for .18 per share. My goal with these shares is to sell them at a 30-60% profit once the Q3 earnings come out which will be by Nov. 15th more than likely. So these shares aren't for long term holding but for a month or so. Hopefully Q3 will be an earning surprise and the stock will move higher. I still hold the shares for the stockdoubling project in DFNS 8000 shares and am not sure when I will get out of those yet.

3. Another interesting stock I thought I would let you know about is ITRA. It recently announced it was being bought out for $4 per share. However as of yesterday you could still buy the stock for about $3.70 per share. The $4 share price will close in Dec/Jan. But if you could buy at $3.70 and get the buyout at $4. That is a .30 per share gain. Which is 8% return in about 3 months or over 30% annualized return. Not a bad return at all better than putting your money in CD's at 3%. Just a thought. Of course the shareholders could turn down the buyout offer (Not likely) but the company has a decent business it would recover some if that did happen. I DO NOT OWN THAT STOCK. AND DON'T RECOMMEND IT. IF YOU DO BUY IT MAKE SURE YOU CAN STAY IN IT FOR THE ENTIRE PROCESS 2-3 MONTHS!

4. I have been doing a lot of research for the StockDoubling Project #2 pick. Which will ONLY be sent to those MEMBERS of I have narrowed the stocks down from 600+ stocks I orginally looked at to 10 currently. I will continue to research and knock out stocks in the coming days. However I may want to jump on this one soon in case it is ready to really move higher.
So if you aren't a member of get the 5 day trial today and get setup before we start we this pick.

I wish you ever success in trading.
Steve Hoven
New email address steve @ (take away the spaces)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BeforeItMoves is back!

BeforeItMoves is Back!

We are back on the market via clickbank. Just $4.95 for the first 5 days and get complete access to ALL our content.

19 videos teaching you how to find stocks that are ready to move.

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I show you how you can open an account for as little as $100 and start trading!

And the big news is our StockDoubling Project # 2 pick is just around the corner.I will be releasing this pick to beforeitmoves members ONLY between October 24th-31st.

My first pick for the StockDoubling Project # 1. Doubled in price in 4 months!

I will be limiting the membership and not sure how long this offer will be available. So if you are interested their is still time to get your account open prior to the StockDoubling Project # 2 pick!

Have a great trading day

See you inside

Steve Hoven

Thursday, October 9, 2008

BeforeItMoves Stock Trading System

I am releasing the updated version of the BeforeitMoves Stock Trading System.

It is FREE and 19 videos over 3 hours in total length.

You can get it FREE when you join the monthly $20 a month program.

You will get the StockDoubling Project # 2 pick late in October along with all the "Other Picks" and additional picks from me.

You get a FREE 5 day trial to test it out.

Only for a limited time at

Have a profitable day

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Danger Most Traders Make

Watch this 11 minute video and see the problem most traders make.

Talk to you tomorrow with some BIG NEWS!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Turn $500 into $1 million faster than you think.

Turn $500 into $1 million faster than you think.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Companies with Cash

I will be releasing my Before It Moves package on Thursday At 10am. It will be 19 videos in all just over 3 total hours of videos on how I find stocks for the stock doubling project and my personal account. You won't want to miss it.
This will also be the ONLY place to get my picks for the StockDoubling # 2 project. Which first pick will happen in late October 2008.

Between now and Thursday though I want to give you some free content to help you in your trading.

This first video deals with finding companies that have a good cash position. With the credit issues currently going on. (banks not willing to lend as they once did etc..)
It may be wise to find companies/stocks that have a good amount of cash on their books. They can self fund themselves for a while and continue to grow thru spending their own money. They won't need to borrow or issues shares (diluting the stock).

In this follow 7 minute video I show you a good way to find those type of stocks and do that quick research.

You can also sign up for our Early Bird list. And get special announcements on the Launch of the program plus be first in line.
And the best part the program will cost you NOTHING up front!

Have a great weekend

P.S Feel free to leave any comments on the blog.