Friday, April 18, 2008


Hello Stockdoublers,

DFNS still has not reported as of yet.

The exchange has added an E behind their symbol showing that they haven't reported in the time allowed. Someone from the company finally contacted me but had VERY little to say.

Just that they believe that the 10K will be released soon and answer my other questions I had. They gave no date etc.. Just that.

What "Soon" means I have no idea. I guess its in the same category of what the meaning of "is" is. LOL.

Anyway if you are looking for a quote today you MAY not be able to get it with just DFNS

So the symbol for now is DFNSE (It will change back to DFNS, IF/WHEN they report.)

I would think they would have the report out by the end of business on Monday. If they don't I will start to get more concerned. (They should put in the overtime if need be over the weekend and get it done. Whether they will or not I don't know but that is what they should do.)

I am holding on. I don't know if all shareholders will so the stock may slide a few cents while we wait. The longer the wait the bigger the slide probably.

I will let you know more when I have more information.

Have a good weekend.
Steve Hoven

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hello Stockdoublers,

DFNS still doesn't have anything to report on the 10k and it is very disheartening.

I can't get anyone to return an email or phone call to me. I left a message for Investor Relations and an email still without a reply.

I also contacted the company directly from their site at and they have not yet responded.

No one on the message boards for DFNS that I have been on have any answers as well.

I thought the date was 15 days after March 31st they had to come out with the 10k I guess that isn't the case but I would at least like some answers from Investor relations.

This is actually the 3rd time that IR over the course of a year hasn't been prompt in getting back with me. With all the money that DFNS received from the recent settlement they need to hire a decent IR person. Because they aren't getting their money worth out of the current one from what I have seen.

I am still holding tight to the stock and will. But if this stock is going to have any real movement in the future more people need to know about it. You can have the greatest business in the world but if no one knows about it you aren't going to get customers. Same goes for a stock price.

Well I will let you know more when I have any information to share.

Have a good day
Steve Hoven

Friday, April 11, 2008

1 year in DFNS

Well we have been in DFNS for 1 year now.

I bought DFNS on April 9th 2007 at .50 for the StockDoubling project.

I reviewed some of my comments from that original post.

I thought $15-$20 million in revenue was possible for 2007. It looks like they did $19 million. And earnings could be between .03-.10 it looks like .05-.07 (I am not sure until they release their 10k)

This is the first stock that I have been in for the entire year. Which is really what the project is about. Finding 1 stock per year. Of course I don't want to be in that long but that is the way it has gone.

It has been an interesting ride with lots of times I thought a big rally was just around the corner. And a good amount of opportunities for people to buy.

I like it more TODAY than I did back then. I think it offers far less risk and much more reward then it did a year ago. And its 20% off last years prices.

DFNS HIGH for the year was .70 and low was .24

Current trading at .40 or down 20% from our entry.

They should release their 10k report by April 15th. So anytime really (I predict sometime on Monday) that should give us a better idea of the Q4 results and what we have in store for the future.

I am still quite confident in the stock and don't see much downside at all to this stock.

Basically when I bought it a year ago the book value was around .20. NOW its about .43
They lost money last year. This year they made .05-.07 and is 6-8x PE ratio.
Last year the Price to sales ratio was 1.3 now it is .76
Last year the price was .50 NOW .40

All the important stats are MUCH better then they were a year ago. Yet the price is down 20% from last year.

I think if the company comes out with positive news as far as future growth etc.. That this stock will move VERY quickly higher.

If you are NEW to the stockdoubling project or haven't bought DFNS yet you may want to do your research and consider it. I personally would buy some more at these levels if I had additional money in my brokerage account. But don't do it based on me do your own research.

NOW lets talk about the 4 OTHER STOCKS FROM LAST YEAR.

I also mentioned the 4 other stocks that were in the running for the pick in my original post last April 9th.

I will update you on the price action of each.

GLDS (which is now AIRI) THEN .275 NOW .22 DOWN 18% HIGH .42 LOW .18

At its highest point it was up 50%. At its lowest point it was down 36%. I don't really follow this stock they issue a LOT of shares and I don't like stocks like that so I really haven't followed it. They have bought a lot of different companies and say they will be profitable but with so many shares issued all the time its hard to get a good feel for them. They remind me to much of ATSX and that scares me bad so I don't really watch it.

AYSI THEN .67 NOW $1.25 UP 86% HIGH $2.05 LOW .30

At its highest point it was up 205%. At its lowest point it was down 55%. They have had quite a run up and down. They ran down way too much for what they had and they ran UP probably too much as well. But they ran UP and down pretty quick. Now it is somewhere in the middle. A nice stock over the last 18 months though.

TSSW THEN .76 NOW $1.42 UP 87% HIGH $2.44 LOW .72

At its highest point it was up 221%. At its lowest point it was down 5%. This is by far the best stock of the 5 total. It went UP just a few days after I talked about it. And didn't look back. It had a very nice run and came back down some but was never really under water much at all. They recently announced they are being bought out for $1.48 per share.

CAGC THEN $2.90 NOW $2.50 DOWN 14% HIGH $6.25 LOW $1.78

At its highest point it was up 116%. At its lowest point it was down 39%. This is a china stock which were hot for a while. They make good money but china can be a bit scary as far as reporting etc.. It had a nice run up and they announced they should earn good money. It is probably a little undervalued at these levels but I don't like the China stocks as a whole right now so I will stay away.

3 of the 5 stocks doubled in value.
Had you bought $1000 worth of each of the 5 stocks and held them until they doubled and then sold you would have $6000 right now and still own $820 worth of AIRI and $800 worth of DFNS. (As those 2 stocks haven't doubled yet.)

So the total value of your portfolio would be $7620 or a 52% return for the year. NOT TOO BAD.
(Obviously that is just an example and you can work your own #'s based on your own portfolio size.)

It has been an interesting year.

I will update you again when DFNS comes out with their 10k report which should be within the next couple of days.


Thank you
Steve Hoven