Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hello Stockdoublers,

DFNS still doesn't have anything to report on the 10k and it is very disheartening.

I can't get anyone to return an email or phone call to me. I left a message for Investor Relations and an email still without a reply.

I also contacted the company directly from their site at and they have not yet responded.

No one on the message boards for DFNS that I have been on have any answers as well.

I thought the date was 15 days after March 31st they had to come out with the 10k I guess that isn't the case but I would at least like some answers from Investor relations.

This is actually the 3rd time that IR over the course of a year hasn't been prompt in getting back with me. With all the money that DFNS received from the recent settlement they need to hire a decent IR person. Because they aren't getting their money worth out of the current one from what I have seen.

I am still holding tight to the stock and will. But if this stock is going to have any real movement in the future more people need to know about it. You can have the greatest business in the world but if no one knows about it you aren't going to get customers. Same goes for a stock price.

Well I will let you know more when I have any information to share.

Have a good day
Steve Hoven

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