Friday, December 5, 2008


Long time no talk.

DFNS came out with their Q3 earnings in Mid Nov. The sales #'s were good though the earnings not as good as I would like to see. Though still profitable overall.

The company has about $8 million in cash and trading securities/bank deposit. Which is about .27 per share. The company is currently trading at .16-.19 per share. The book value is around .44

The company also announced a buyback of the stock up to $450,000. It doesn't mean they will buy back any stock but at least they announced it. IF they did buy back $450,000 worth of shares at an average price of .25 that would be 1.8 million shares they take out of the public. Which is about 6% of the total outstanding shares. However there is only about 10 million shares that aren't owned by insiders so that would really be taking out close to 18% of the public float.
Hopefully they start the buyback soon at these levels.

With the economy and the stock market the way they are things could go down more. However for a person willing to hold I think buying on at these prices are a steal at some point down the road. Its like going to the bank and depositing $1 and the bank giving you $1.40 or so into your account. You can't cash it out yet but its sitting there. Same thing with DFNS they have a lot of cash on hand and a profitable business and you can buy the shares for LESS then the amount of money they have in the bank.

We may have tax loss selling going into the end of the year as tends to happen with DFNS and DFNS tends to have a good Jan. You can look at the chart and see the pattern over the last few years.

NO I don't think DFNS will get to .50 anytime soon. But for 2009 I think we will go up a bunch from these current prices.

On to TATTF another stock I own.

They are buying back stock as well very slowly though. TATTF is down in the low/mid $4's they came out with earnings in NOV. which were less than I had hoped for sure however they have a book value over $10 per share and a good amount of cash. They have already earned .50+ EPS for the first 9 months so they are good deal as well.

With the markets both of these stocks I don't expect them to TAKE OFF. However if you are a long term holder these companies both have PROFITABLE business, lots of cash, are selling at a discount. So we will see they go up in price in the future I feel. When I don't know.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Wow they really listened!!

DFNS came out with a buyback! YES YES YES! Wish it was a little bigger but hey I will take it.

$450k buyback if they got all the shares at .30 that is 1.5 million shares bought back.

I don't think they will buy them all back. But I think the bottom is now in. Even if the company comes out with a bad quarter with the buyback in place that is potential 1.5-2 million shares being bought back at lower prices.

Glad I was able to pick some up at .18!

Hopefully that is a good sign for Q3 #'s as well. Q3 earnings should be out by Nov. 14th!



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lots of Updates.....

Its been a while since I had a stock update. I have been busy with the beforeitmoves project.

A few updates.....

1. I bought some additional TATTF on October 10th for a swing trade. (Meaning I didn't want to hold it long just looking for quick gain.) I bought at $4.90 on a Friday. And Sold it on Monday October 13th for $6! A 22% profit in about 3 hours of trading. (I held it over the weekend. But bought it just before the close on Friday and sold it Monday morning) If you were on my yahoo list you could have made that as well. One member did better then me he made 29% on that trade.
I still hold some TATTF at a higher price and still feel it is undervalued. However with current market conditions their is always risk.

2. I also bought additional shares of DFNS (which is our stockdoubling project pick currently) These shares that I bought are NOT for the project but strictly for my own account. I bought the additional shares on October 10 and 13th for .18 per share. My goal with these shares is to sell them at a 30-60% profit once the Q3 earnings come out which will be by Nov. 15th more than likely. So these shares aren't for long term holding but for a month or so. Hopefully Q3 will be an earning surprise and the stock will move higher. I still hold the shares for the stockdoubling project in DFNS 8000 shares and am not sure when I will get out of those yet.

3. Another interesting stock I thought I would let you know about is ITRA. It recently announced it was being bought out for $4 per share. However as of yesterday you could still buy the stock for about $3.70 per share. The $4 share price will close in Dec/Jan. But if you could buy at $3.70 and get the buyout at $4. That is a .30 per share gain. Which is 8% return in about 3 months or over 30% annualized return. Not a bad return at all better than putting your money in CD's at 3%. Just a thought. Of course the shareholders could turn down the buyout offer (Not likely) but the company has a decent business it would recover some if that did happen. I DO NOT OWN THAT STOCK. AND DON'T RECOMMEND IT. IF YOU DO BUY IT MAKE SURE YOU CAN STAY IN IT FOR THE ENTIRE PROCESS 2-3 MONTHS!

4. I have been doing a lot of research for the StockDoubling Project #2 pick. Which will ONLY be sent to those MEMBERS of I have narrowed the stocks down from 600+ stocks I orginally looked at to 10 currently. I will continue to research and knock out stocks in the coming days. However I may want to jump on this one soon in case it is ready to really move higher.
So if you aren't a member of get the 5 day trial today and get setup before we start we this pick.

I wish you ever success in trading.
Steve Hoven
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

BeforeItMoves Stock Trading System

I am releasing the updated version of the BeforeitMoves Stock Trading System.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Danger Most Traders Make

Watch this 11 minute video and see the problem most traders make.

Talk to you tomorrow with some BIG NEWS!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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Turn $500 into $1 million faster than you think.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Companies with Cash

I will be releasing my Before It Moves package on Thursday At 10am. It will be 19 videos in all just over 3 total hours of videos on how I find stocks for the stock doubling project and my personal account. You won't want to miss it.
This will also be the ONLY place to get my picks for the StockDoubling # 2 project. Which first pick will happen in late October 2008.

Between now and Thursday though I want to give you some free content to help you in your trading.

This first video deals with finding companies that have a good cash position. With the credit issues currently going on. (banks not willing to lend as they once did etc..)
It may be wise to find companies/stocks that have a good amount of cash on their books. They can self fund themselves for a while and continue to grow thru spending their own money. They won't need to borrow or issues shares (diluting the stock).

In this follow 7 minute video I show you a good way to find those type of stocks and do that quick research.

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Have a great weekend

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TATTF Marketclub BUY signal

Here is a video to check out.

ON TATTF which is a stock I own. (Not for the project but just in general) I have spoke on it a few times. My average entry was $7.13 back in Mid June. Anyway Marketclub just went long via their trade triangles on it. Which means one of 2 things. We are at the beginning of a BIG run up. Or within 2-3 weeks it will get knocked out quickly with a loss.

Marketclub tends to either win BIG. Or lose QUICK. So keep an eye on TATTF if it goes to $9+ we should see a nice run continue. If it just sticks in the low $8's and $7's it is a false breakout. Some nice things though it has moved up nicely in the last month even though the markets overall have been down. The company is also buying back a bunch of shares of their own stock as they feel its undervalued. They do have a decent amount of cash so as far dealing with the credit issues they shouldn't have a problem funding themselves.

I will probably watch it for these next couple weeks see what happens. My entry was $7.13 so I have some wiggle room at these current prices (over $8). I think $10 is a closer to fair price for the stock.

Here is the video on tattf and my thoughts......

Also Scottrade is currently offering a special if you open an account with them. ($500 minimum) they will give you 7 FREE trades. That is $49 value. (normally they give you 3) This offer is good thru the end of OCTOBER.
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And finally I will be releasing my project within 2 weeks Lord Willing. It will be roughly 20 videos and content of what/how I find stocks to buy for the stockdoubling project and for my own trading. And the videos will be FREE!! I will post more on it in the near future.

Have a great trading day

Monday, September 8, 2008


TATTF a stock I own. (Not for the stockdoubling project) came out with news today.

They authorized a buyback of shares of about $7 million which is about 1 million shares based on these current prices.
The stock closed up 8% today to $6.88.

It has come up nicely after bottoming a couple months ago. My entry was above $7 so I am still underwater but this is some nice news.

I don't think they will buy back that many shares but the company is at least showing some interest in the stockholders by saying the share price is undervalued.


Anyway I think TATTF is still a $8-$10 stock somewhere down the road. They are making money and with their investment in the new company they seem to be making some money as well.

I think it can run higher than $10 it is a company with only 6.6 million shares. Just depends on the buyers/sellers. But as far as risk I think they should do at least .80 for the year and at 10x PE that is a $8 stock not including any cash they have etc...

I should have some BIG news coming later this month!!

Have a great day

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


DFNS came out with their 10Q report on friday...

A few things.....

1. It looks like they lost some of the backlog orders with the Israel Defense Ministry which is bad news. They did get an additional $1.6 million order it looks like though.

2. They said that the IDM orders should remain steady so I would figure $1.2-$1.6 million each quarter for the next couple quarters.

3. Local civilian and Export Military were both up a good deal which helped.

4. They aren't making money on their existing business. The reason they had a profit was due to a payment from the Israel gov't for leaving a couple years back.

5. in 2006 and prior basically this was a company that did $10 million a year and EPS was anywhere from (.03) to .01. Are we going back to that type of stock and was 2007 just a fluke?

6. 2008 will be more than $10 million but FAR less than last years $19 million. Probably in the $14+ million range I would guess.

7. I don't understand why they would take a $250k loan when they got the cash. I know the cash didn't come until later but $250k shouldn't need that and then they got another one they didn't utlize. And why post a NT 10Q and than a few hours later post the 10Q?

8. Personally I think its run like a mom and pop type deal. The CEO owns most of the shares so he controls everything and don't really care that much about the other 30% or so. If they did why not announce the $1.6 million IDM order?

9. Its a nice book value but they aren't doing enough to MAKE $$$ and not telling their story to anyone to get the share price up.

10. "Since January 2008, we have experienced an increased demand for armored vehicles, from central and south African countries. We believe that the armor car business is growing and will become even more significant for us by the end of 2008. The armor car business is characterized by higher gross margins than our traditional military products. " (PAGE 13)
So Maybe that will mean a couple million in revenue from that this year.

11. an $1.7 million increase in inventories in order to support future sales, new product lines and also reflects the production of a significant amount of finished and semi finished products that were delivered at the beginning of the third quarter," (PAGE 18)
So maybe we will get an UPWARD suprise for Q3?

DFNS didn't trade much on Monday. From this report I don't see any RUSH to buy the stock at these levels. I think it could pop to the .40's but ONLY if they announce some news. And the company don't seem to want to do much of that.
It could fade to the lower .20's and maybe even teens I don't know. At these point they have still lost .01 for the year based on continued operations and their margins haven't improved so I don't know that they will breakeven or earn a penny or two for the year but not much more.

Part of me wants to just dump it and be done with it. If the book value wasn't in the low .40's I probably would. But since the book is over .40 I am not going to dump it in the low .20's. They also have a decent amount of cash for a company this size just depends on what they do with it.

Its always up to you what you want to do with it. At this point I am staying with it, disappointed yes but going to stick it out for a while yet.

Next earnings release won't be until mid November. So unless the company comes out with additional news you won't hear from them for about 3 months.


TATTF came out with their report as well.

They don't have a 10Q I guess cause they are an Israel company so they only come out with revenue earnings etc..
They made a little more revenue but not as much profit.
Still they have .44 for the year so far and I think .80 isn't out of the question.
At 10x P/E its an $8 stock.

I wish they put in their stockholder equity as I think its close to $10 but I am not sure.

TATTF went up after the intital report and went down Monday. I think its a $8-$10 stock in the next few months.


Friday, August 15, 2008


DFNS is delaying their 10Q.
But they did report they did $4,477,086 in revenue

And $195,000 in net income.

The one thing that worries me a little is.... Does that $195k INCLUDE
any payments from the Israel gov't for moving their operations out of
gaza strip. If this is included than OUCH.

If not and those #'s are only based on continued operations than we are
at breakeven earnings for the year.

Not a great quarter by any means on earnings side. .01 is a little
misleading as it is really about .0067 EPS they just round it up to

book value may have gone up a little bit but it is all about the
earnings. I will be waiting to see the 10Q which will probably come in
a week or two.

Hopefully they talk about future prospects though.

Otherwise will probably end up in the $14-$15 million revenue for the
year and maybe .01-.02 EPS for the year. Which on a PE ratio trading in
the .20's is fairly valued. Especially for a company whos revenue is
falling. I understand they got the book value but lack of talking with
investors doesn't get investors excited at all either.

I still would love to see a buyback especially at these levels. They
could pick up 10% of the outstanding shares and about 30% of the float
for less than $1 million. And they would still have plenty of money to
play with.

Its a trading range bound stock until....

Company talks to its investors,
or big order news comes out.

I am holding for right now.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Updates on the 2 stocks I own.

First on DFNS.

Nothing new on it. Still in the upper .20's and light volume.

They are due to report Q2 earnings on the 15th which is Friday. I would imagine though they will be late and not report until Monday (or later) of Next week.

Its hard to say what the #'s will be DFNS doesn't like to give out much information so its hard to say. Hopefully the margins improved though and we will see some profits again. I would LOVE to see .02 EPS for the quarter. But I am not sure that we will see that. Whatever the company does, what will move the stock is what the company has to SAY about about performance. If they don't say anything then we may just be treading water for a while.

The book value is still in the low .40's and they still should do $14-$15 million for the year I think. The company has a current market cap of under $8 million so its a good deal at these levels I think. Just have to have some patience with this stock. Which I am kind of running out of especially at the levels I bought at. Those getting in at these levels for the first time though I think will make out pretty well. Unless the company makes some MAJOR blunders.

So we will wait until Q2 earnings come out and hope for the best.

The other stock I am in is TATTF. (not for the stockdoubling project)
I have an average position in the low $7's I believe it is. And bought it about 2 months ago.
You can read all the stats I did on it on the previous blog entries.
But it fell to the low to mid $5 range in July but in the last couple of weeks has moved back up a little bit and as of this writing is trading at $6.20 per share.

They own 8.1 million shares of LIMC which should report earnings by the 15th of August. So if the earnings are good from LIMC that stock should move and so should TATTF.
TATTF is also due to report their own earnings on August 15th that being a friday they each may wait until after the bell on Friday I am not sure.

TATTF earnings will be off last years I am pretty sure but TATTF is just a value play.
They have a marketcap of about $41 million. However their investment in LIMC by itself is worth about $38 million. So the markets are only valuing TATTF assets, cash, other businesses at $3 million which crazy.
TATTF should be trading at $8-$10 per share right now easy I think and eventually I think the market will prove that out assuming my #s are right and the company doesn't crumble.

I will update you when they come out with their earnings.

Have a great day
Steve Hoven

Monday, July 21, 2008

StockDoubling Stock UPDATE!

I wanted to update on the StockDoubling project.

First on DFNS.OB yes I still own it. Currently the bid/ask is .26 by .29

Which puts the company value under $8.5 million marketcap. I am not going to beat a dead horse you can read my thoughts on the #'s etc.. In previous posts nothing has changed as far as that goes over the last month or two.

Next scheduled news is August 15th which is when the Q2 report is due. HOPEFULLY, they report it before then. They had their biggest sales quarter in Q2 of last year so I am not expecting them to do better than last year. What I am hoping to is some PROFITS! If it losses money again for Q2 then I think the stock could slide a little more. I would love to see a couple cents profit but I don't know if they can get that or not.

They have a decent amount of cash if they do well with the cash they can hopefully get the share price moving higher. But the share price WILL move higher if they EARN $$$. If they can't earn money it will continue to bounce around the .20's to .30's. If they earned a couple cents for the quarter and said things look great going forward then we could get some momentum in the stock.

If they have expenses under control and can earn a profit the worst is probably over. It would have very limited downside. If they can't get margins under control and can't turn a profit then the lows may not be set in. Risk/reward at these levels is pretty good reward for the risk I feel. When it turns I don't know though something has to come out from the company. Such as New orders or buying a company or something.

Last week had some 10k share blocks trade which was nice to see though it did little to the share price. We will have to wait and see until August 15th I guess.

The other stock I own is TATTF it isn't for the stockdoubling project but you can read more about it in previous posts.

It seems to have stablized in the near term at least. And it up a little bit from its lows. I am in at higher prices but I still feel that TATTF is extremely undervalued. Their investment in LIMC is worth $38 million by itself. TATTF marketcap (its own value is only worth $38 million right now) So the millions in cash TATTF has and the other company they own a majority stake in, and their own $20 million a year business is valued at ZERO according to the market.
Its true value will eventually come out I think and I feel $10 isn't out of the question over the next few months. They will need to report earnings along with LIMC by August 15th.

Lastly their is a penny stock that just went long via Marketclub trade triangles I have a video about it at

if you want to check it out.

Have a good day

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Free Gift this weekend

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Friday, June 27, 2008


I wanted to update for the weekend on the 2 stocks I own.

Both stocks are based in Israel. So unless Israel is destroyed by IRAN or something I think what I am about to say is valid.

DFNS which is the stock for the StockDoubling project has a bid and ask as of this writing of .26 bid (what you sell it for) and .27 ask (what you buy it for) Actually a few minutes ago the ask was at .26 as well.

Back in Dec 2007 DFNS hit a low of .24. And prior to that it hit a low of .22 back in June 2006. So over the last 2 years .22 is the low for the stock and it isn't like it stayed down that low it usually was a quick stop in the low .20's before moving to the higher .20's and .30's.

So are we going to bounce off the bottom again? I don't know that for sure but looking at the charts and fundmentals of the stock I can't see it fall much further and the risk/reward is tremendous at these levels.

Why these levels are attractive for DFNS....

1. You have good support here in the .20's
2. 29 million shares of DFNS x .27 makes a $7.5 million marketcap they have $5 million in cash! Means you are buying the company for basically $2.5 million for a company that will do $15+ million in revenue for the year!
3. If their is additional fighting with IRAN or other countries. The military spending should increase and DFNS would benefit from that.
4. It has a book value of .43
5. I think at these levels even if it gets back to .35 that is a 29% return so it is a good TRADING stock now as well.
6. They will have twice as much revenue this year as they are currently worth in market cap.

I just think its a SCREAMING BUY at these levels.

Unless the company makes MAJOR blunders on how to spend their cash or Israel goes to full out war with IRAN and is bombed heavily or something I just don't see much other downside to the stock at these point.

I had talked previously when it was in the mid .30's that I see a trading range for the stock from the high .20's to the low .40's. Well we are at the lows so that is the time to buy some I think.

The downside is limited I think for those purchasing in the mid/upper .20's.

The second stock I own is TATTF which is also an ISRAEL stock.
THIS IS NOT A STOCKDOUBLING PICK! Just another stock that I feel can move and is undervalued.

I actually purchased this stock a few different times but my average price is $7.13. As of today it is trading at $5.60. So I am down on this one as well. However the value I think is there for a $10 stock. I will touch on some of the highlights but do your own research.

TATTF has 6.6 million shares outstanding x $5.60 that is $37 million market cap.
TATTF owns 8.1 MILLION shares of LIMC (62% of that company) LIMC is currently trading for $4.31 per share. Lets assume its only worth $4 per share to make it easy. $4 x 8.1 million shares = $32 million is what TATTF investment in LIMC is worth.

So that means taking out LIMC investment out of TATTF. TATTF is valued at only $5 million or so.

TATTF also has recently purchased another company (private) for some cash and owns a big chunk in that.
TATTF I believe has roughly $5-$10 million in cash. (hard to tell with an Israel company and their reporting)
let's assume its just $5 million. That means from the cash in the bank and LIMC investment TATTF by itself is worth $0!
So their investment into this new company is worth $0. The $20 million or so in revenue they do by themselves each year is worth $0!

Which is of course CRAZY!

TATTF earned .23 EPS for the Q1 of this year. If they do that each quarter that would be .92 EPS for the year. At 12x P/E ratio that is $11 stock

TATTF is near 3 year lows on the stock price.

I think it offers good risk/reward for investors. The company even authorized $5 million to buy back stock which needs to be done by the end of July. Doesn't mean they will buy it all back but its a good plus.

Have a great weekend

Steve Hoven

Check out

Monday, June 23, 2008

Israel stocks going lower?

You can buy DFNS for .30 right now. YIKES.

Its not bad long term I don't think at these levels.

The risk though is.....

Does israel bomb Iran?

What is IRAN reaction?

Is Israel still around or can they function with a wide spread war?

Some reasons why the stock may be headed lower.

Actually I own another ISRAEL stock TATTF which is also going lower on light volume.

If a war starts with iran and israel. The civilian sales for DFNS will expand but will the profit margins? And if it wide scale can DFNS operate with bombings etc..

Not saying that will happen. But israel won't let Iran have Nukes and IRAN isn't going to like getting bombed. US would step in I am sure as well. Than do we have another big war? Oil continues higher and does it become a major fight for that?

Not saying any of that will happen but some may be leaving the stock because of that.

Interesting stuff to think about at least.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This stock Doubled in a week

Here is a video of some marketclub trades of some penny stocks. One of them doubled in less than a week. I don't own either of them and don't plan on it. But I wanted to show you the power of marketclub.

If you haven't checked out the 2 week trial yet you need to at

FYI I own TATTF (not based on marketclub but based on value) my average price is $7.13 and am looking for $10 in the next couple of months. We will see if it works out. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STOCKDOUBLING PROJECT!

Here is the video I was talking about.

Have a great day

Friday, June 13, 2008

DFNS news, Another stock I bought and

Just a quick update on the Project.

I am still in DFNS and look for high .20's to mid .40's until the company comes out with additional new order press releases or until a good 2nd quarter is reported which won't be until August 15. (I am not sure it will be a good Q2 anyway) The downside to the stock is limited for the long term though so I am holding and waiting for better prices.

I did want to mention I bought some shares of TATTF the other day above $7. THIS IS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STOCKDOUBLING PROJECT AND DOES NOT EFFECT THE PROJECT IN ANY WAY. This was ADDITIONAL money I had to trade.

I am NOT looking for TATTF to double but I do think it is undervalued and I think $10 a share is my goal over the next 60-90 days or so.
They trade at a discount to book value and well below 1x P/S and will probably make .80-$1 for the year so at these levels I see them well undervalued.
Again this ISN'T a PICK but it just an additional stock that I bought just for short term gain (hopefully) I don't have a stop in place but unless the company comes out with some bad news I don't foresee me selling. It is near some good support in the $6+ range. Whether that is the bottom or not I don't know.

Make sure you don't miss the HUGE NEWS on Monday June 16

It will change the way you trade forever.

Have a profitable day
Steve Hoven

Friday, May 23, 2008

DFNS if I was trading it via MARKETCLUB

This video shows what would have happened if I traded DFNS via marketclub since I bought it with the stockdoubling pick in April 2007.

It is pretty interesting stuff.

have a great weekend

Steve Hoven

Marketclub for TSSW

Here is the video of TSSW if trading via Marketclub over the last year.

A great example of to beginner traders. Your WINNING %'S HAS NO BARRING on your PROFITS!!

Here is a perfect example. 4 trades 3 trades were losses but the 1 trade was a BIG winner and a very nice profit overall!

I know that was big hurdle for me to get over early in my own trading. I always looked at winning %'s to see if a system was good. Well that is SO misleading. As you can have a system that wins 90% of the time but is still not profitable.

Say you win 9 out of 10 trades and the average winner is 1 point but the average loser is 10 points. That means you still lost money!

A great many top traders never even win close to 50% of there trades they don't have to they keep their losers small and let their winners run.

If your average win was 3 x's your average loss do you know you only have to win 25% of the time to BREAKEVEN!
So out of 4 trades you could lose 1 point on 3 trades and win 1 trade for 3 points and you would still breakeven!

Which was very easy to see in the TBSI video I made earlier this week.
The winners made on average over $10 per share and the losers were around $2 a share! So the profits were 5x more than the losses!!

Check out Marketclub this weekend. They offer a 30 DAY RISK FREE OFFER. The cost is about $1 a day and well worth it if you are trading.

So whatever you trade you can find a way to profit from it.

Here is the video of TSSW over the last year.

Have a great weekend.
Steve Hoven

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Marketclub chart for CBMX

CBMX was an OTHER STOCK back in Jan 2007. It had a 1 for 10 reverse split.

You can view the results if trading on Marketclub with CBMX.

If you want to check out marketclub go to

Have a great day
Steve Hoven

DFNS NEWS, and ETLT with Marketclub

DFNS came out with a press release yesterday but didn't really say anything different then what we knew from the 10k and 10Q report.
You can read it here.

Next earnings report is due August 15th. IT WON'T be as strong as Q2. Hopefully they turn a profit but we will see. Unless they come out with some news between now and then I see it as a "dead" stock for a while moving between .30-.40 or so. I am still in just frustrated with things.

Check out this video on ETLT which is an "OTHER STOCK" from Oct 2006.

Another profitable round of trading with marketclub.

Have a profitable day
Steve Hoven

PS let me know what stock you would like a video done on and I will check it out and show you the results trading it with Marketclub.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Moves in an "OTHER STOCK"

Here is a video of TBSI it was an "OTHER STOCK" of ours from back in May 2006. It has made a HUGE run.

You can view the video of all the profits made trading TBSI the marketclub way.

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I do NOT own TBSI at this time. This is just showing the profits possible with the Marketclub system.

Have a great trading day
Steve Hoven

Monday, May 19, 2008

MarketClub Chart

I am starting a new series on Marketclub.

MarketClub is a trading system.

It ISN'T for daytrading the markets but if you are looking for some GREAT ways to trade stocks. (More trades than what I offer at StockDoubling you will want to check it out.)

This week I will go over some of the "OTHER STOCKS" I have had over the past 2+ years with the StockDoubling project. When I look for a stock for the stockdoubling project I research thousands of stocks finally getting down to 5 stocks that I feel have a good chance of doubling. Out of the 5 I pick what I feel is the best opportunity for a double. However the "other 4 stocks" I also release those to the subscribers and give my opionon on them etc..

This week we are going to chart some of the "Other Stocks" using the marketclub product.

The first stock is GEOI which I was part of the "Other Stocks" back in Oct 2005.

You can check out the 9 minute video as I go over some of the steps here.

You can check out the RISK FREE offer and MANY videos available about Marketclub by CLICKING HERE.

Have a profitable day
Steve Hoven

Saturday, May 17, 2008

DFNS update and other STUFF.

I wanted to update you on DFNS.

1. DFNS came out with an amended 10Q yesterday to correct the EPS for Q1. As I talked to you in the last update I thought the EPS LOSS was less than .01 and in their orginal report they showed .02. I emailed the company and they responded that they noticed the mistake as well and would be correcting it. The loss is really like .008 but they round up to .01.
So I am glad that has been fixed.

2. All things considering the stock didn't fair too bad yesterday only going down .01 on the stock price. .35 by .36 is the bid/ask. The bad thing at this level it isn't a SCREAMING buy like it would be in the high .20's and .30. But it isn't overvalued either so you don't really get momentum going in any direction.

3. The company SHOULD come out with a press release on their Q1 report on Monday I would expect. Hopefully they will shed some light on things. They do have a good amount of cash now as well so hopefully in the next couple of months we will see some movement in buying companies or buying back shares or something.

4. We started this project on Oct 31st 2005 with $500 and a goal of hitting $1 million within 11 years. Double our money once a year was the goal. It went fast the first year or so and has slowed down a LOT since than.
This is how the goal looks.
$500 Oct 31st 2005 Start
$1000 Oct 31st 2006 DONE
$2000 Oct 31st 2007 DONE
$4000 Oct 31st 2008 Well we started our DFNS with $4000 so that was completed. However since we are underwater with DFNS (8000 shares x .50) we are under that goal. So to stay on track, we either have to have $4000 back by Oct 31st 2008 or $8000 by Oct 31st 2009. My point being we still have some time yet in DFNS even though its been over a year we have been in this stock. If I don't see a potential for the stock to move to $1 over the next year + and it hits .50 again I may bail. It would give us plenty of time to still reach our goal etc..

5. I don't know when I will start the 2nd StockDoubling project again. I continue to evalute DFNS I don't want to be choosing both a StockDoubling project stock and a stockdoubling project Stock #2 at the same time. I will probably also have monthly picks like I did before stocks I feel that can move 15-35% within 4-6 weeks. I will keep you posted on that. In the meantime......

6. Next week you will want to check this blog EVERYDAY. As I will be making videos of some stocks from the stockdoubling projects and how you could have profited from them and can in the future. I will have a new video each day Lord willing to help you in your trading.
I will give you reminders each day as well. It should be fun.

Have a great weekend.
Steve Hoven

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hi StockDoublers,

DFNS released their 10Q today after the bell. Actually WELL after the bell.

Anyway they dumped it on a friday for good reason it STINKS!!!

$3.1 million in revenue for Q1 and their margins are way DOWN.

They lost money for the Quarter. Its says .02 in the report but I don't know its right due to the figures I come up with.

Civilian Local was WAY up like 300k more than what they did any quarter last year but with all the revenue they LOST money on that sector.

Export Civilian was basically one customer last year for almost $600k. And in their report they said that person is doing their own product so they don't foresee much of any orders from them. SO $600K is gone for 2008.

Local Military was $1.3 million but that was roughly in line with what they said in their 10k report. Still way down from last years Q1.

Export Military was the most disappointing only $600k vs over $1 million last year and that should have been their STRONGEST growth sector.
But now they say for that sector that their growth will be based on pricing. In other words they have to sell their product for cheaper to get more business which means MARGINS will go down even more.

I think they need to spend some money on a calculator though cause their NT 10k was off on EPS they said .07 it ended up being less then .05. And now their first Q1 is weird #'s. I show them losing less than .01 but they have .02 loss.

On a positive side their backlog got larger from Dec 31st to March 31st. Mostly in export military to Africa/Asia so that is good.

As far as the stock price I wouldn't think this would be a good report by any means. But the loss isn't that much to recover from if its less than .01 which is what my figures show.

The book value is around .43 per share and they have a lot of cash. If they use it wisely it should be a good investment still. I think its still has limited LONG TERM downside. And I would pick it up again in the upper .20's if it got there and probably even at .30. Upside though I think is pretty limited as well unless some major orders come in or they buy back some stock or something. Personally I would probably sell all my shares for .60 even though that isn't close to a double. And I would be fine with it.

Crunching some of the #'s this is what I come up with for the year.
Their is NO WAY too tell if they will be profitable or not but I just based my figures on revenue.

They have $2.6 million IDM backlog and $2.2 million in recently announced orders due for 2008. If they get thru the backlog and $2.2 million that would be an additional $4.8 million for the year. I think their will probably be more orders (maybe announced or unannounced on IDM for an additional $900k)
So $2.6 +$2.2 + .9 = $5.7 million for the rest of the year from IDM. Plus the $1.3 for Q1 is $7 million for IDM for 2008.

Local Civilian was a huge $1.1 million I don't see it being that good going forward but doing $2.9 million the rest of the year for a total of $4 million Local Civilian.

Export Civilian I will say ZERO for the year. Anything here is a bonus as they lost their main customer for this last year.

Export Military $600k Q1. $2.4 million backlog for africa/asia/europe if they go thru that its $3 million total. That means basically no more orders just go thru the backlog.

So all together that would $7 million IDM, $4 million Civilian and $3 million export Military or $14 million in revenue for 2008.
Which is down from 2007 but probably realistic. If that is the case they will save $100k+ in not paying the president a bonus this year.

I am holding currently but if it pops up a bit I may unload some of my non StockDoubling project shares.

Steve Hoven

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DFNS Q1 report due May 15th

Hello Stockdoublers,

DFNS is due to report their Q1 earnings on Thursday May 15th. Whether they report them then or not I don't know.

They ran WAY behind on the 10k report so whether they had enough time from that report release to this one I don't know. If they file for an extension they would have 5 additional days to report otherwise the E would go back on their symbol again. We will worry about that though IF that happens.

I personally don't think they will beat last years Q1 which was $3.9 million in revenue and .014 EPS. IF it does beat that we should move higher. If it doesn't beat it we will probably go down in stock price. I am quite disappointed that they didn't come out with a press release after the 10k report to tell people what is going on. Hopefully they will after the Q1 is released.

I will be back after the report is released with my take on things.

Have a profitable day
Steve Hoven

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

DFNS on the move, and Free commission trades

Hello StockDoublers,

The symbol is now back to DFNS, the E is off since they reported their 10k. Which someone must like because the volume is over 115,000 today which is pretty good volume on a non news day. Someone bought at .45 just before the close 200 shares to make it look like a big day. However most of the day it traded at .40-.41. But it is in the right direction at least.

I was hoping they would come out with a press release about their year of 2007 but I guess they aren't going to. Maybe on Thursday we will see.....

Next important release is due next Thursday May 15th. Their Q1 is due to be reported then. Whether they will file on time for the Q1 I don't know. That will tell us how 2008 is shaping up and hopefully they will come out with a press release summarizing Q1 and the year 2007 after that report is out.

If you are new to this StockDoubling project and don't have a brokerage account open yet I wanted to take a minute to share a couple of possiblities.

1. I personally use scottrade myself and have a roth IRA with them and a personal account with them. You can open an account for as little as $500 and you just pay $7 commissions per trade. When you sign up if you use referal code SVZP9077 you will get 3 FREE Trades ($21 value) I am pleased with Scottrade and it is a good way to go I feel.

2. Zecco I just signed up with them the other day though I have yet to deposit money with them. The nice thing about them is they have NO minimum deposit to start trading so you can start with $100 if you wanted. (Though I don't suggest that.) Commissions are just $4.50 per trade. If you open an account for $2,500 you get 10 FREE trades each month. So if you trade a little more often and can start with at least $2,500 that is a good way to go. If you use this link you can get all the above and another FREE gift when you join with them.

It is a good idea I feel to have 2 brokerage accounts eventually. They don't have to have equal amounts in them but when/if one of your brokers are done for maintance etc.. And you see a trade you want to place you have a backup. I DON'T SUGGEST DOING THIS WHEN YOU ARE JUST STARTING OUT!

Have a good day
Steve Hoven

Monday, May 5, 2008

My DFNS 10k Analysis

Hi StockDoublers,

DFNSE (OR DFNS) came out with their 10k today.

1. The E should come off the symbol sometime soon I believe. So give it a couple of days and the symbol should go back to DFNS.

2. Their 1st Quarter report is due by May 15th. Whether they will report in time I don't know since they were so late with this report. (In their 10k they did talk about lack of accounting people at their company and they would be hiring additional ones)

3. They had revenue of $19 million and net income of $1.4 million.
In their NT-10K back on March 31st (which is a report you have to file saying you are going to be late) they said that Net income was $1.6 million and EPS was .07. I talked about it then that $1.6 million into 29 million shares only equals .055 EPS so where they came up with .07 I had no idea.
Well based on the 10K that was released they only did $1.4 million in Net Income which is roughly .048 EPS or under .05. That is HUGE difference!
I wish I could get an answer why the #'s were so off but I can't ever get ahold of Investor relations and no one really answers questions their so I doubt I could ever find out.

4. They have just under 200 full time employees

5. They paid $129K in a bonus to the President of the company. I have NO problem with the bonus, the issue I have is he OWNS ZERO shares of the stock and could have taken the bonus in stock if he felt it was so undervalued.

6. They have book value of about .25 per share BEFORE the $5 million or so they are receiving in Q1 and Q2 settlement from the government that should add roughly .15-.17 after taxes to their book value. So book value will be around .40-.43 per share.

7. Based on a .38 share price the stock has a market cap of about $11 million which is about .58 Price to sales ratio. If it had a 1 price to sales ratio it would be trading at .65 per share.

8. It earned .048 EPS (they rounded up to .05) at 10x P/E its a .48 stock. At 15x P/E its a .72 stock.

9. The company grew revenues by 81% last year and had earnings of almost .05 vs a little more than a penny loss last year. So 2007 was a good year for sure.

10. Hopefully they will come out with a press release tomorrow talking about how 2007 was a great year and what they look for in 2008. That would help share prices.

11. What are my thoughts on the stock price?
If I didn't own any shares at this time I don't know if I would buy some or not.
The negatives are ......
a. I don't think they will be able to match last years revenue for IDM ($9 million+)
b. If a. is true then revenue would slip in 2007.
c. Investor relations is horrible will the stock have a run?
d. how much upside does it really have?
e. could the Q1 report be negative (breakeven) and send the stock lower?

The positives are...
a. Very limited downside. Book value of .40 per share soon.
b. earning money good P/E ratio?

Personally if the stock was at .60 today I would probably bail out of it completely. I just don't see a huge run in it coming unless they can build on this 19 million revenue and .05 EPS. If 2008 is better than 2007 by 15-20%+ I think this stock can run a little bit but based on the orders from IDM so far this year I find it hard pressed to beat revenue #'s of 2007.

But I don't also see much downside either. They are earning money and any move to .30 is way too low for this stock that has a book value of .40 and earned .048.

A couple of positives that are good for this coming year. They had a hit of tax penalty of $200k in 2007 which if that is taken care of is almost .01 added to EPS. Also the president only gets his bonus if revenue increases so if revenue is say $17 million for 2008 he wouldn't get the bonus and that is $100k saved from 2007.

12. They talk about possibly using the settlement money for buying other companies. That could be good or bad depending on the buyout. Personally I would like them to buy back $1 million worth of stock. That is roughly 2 million shares if they were bought at .50 each. It would help share prices and the bottomline with less shares outstanding.

I am in DFNS and will stay in for the time being. Long from .50 from a almost 13 months ago so I frustrated that they had such a good year and I didn't get to take part in it.

Have a profitable day
Steve Hoven


The 10k report on DFNSE is finally out

You can review it at

short answer I am a little disappointed.

I will write more on it later today.

Steve Hoven

Friday, May 2, 2008

DFNSE reports new order

Hello Stockdoublers,

DFNS (E) came out with news yesterday of a new order from the Israel Defense Ministry. (IDM)

You can review it here

It is a $4.5 million order, 1/2 of which will be delivered in 2008. So basically $2.2 million order for this year.

Overall its good to report new orders etc.. However IDM orders were worth probably $8-10 million for 2007. (We won't know until their 10k comes out.) IDM was worth according to my figures $7.6 million thru the first 3 quarters. So being a $2.2 million order is a big drop from that.
Now it is only May so they could come in with more orders etc... And I do expect 2008 IDM to account for more than $2.2 million for the year. But I would be hard pressed to see how it does better than 2007.
But we will see.

They need to expand their other 3 catergories especially their export military which has grown some in 2007 and hopefully continues to grow by big #'s in 2008.

What they need to do NOW though is release their 10k!! It has been over a month since the 10K was DUE. And over 2 weeks since the extension has expired. (which is why their is an E behind their symbol.)

Still waiting for the 10k.

I will report when that comes out.
thank you
Steve Hoven

Friday, April 18, 2008


Hello Stockdoublers,

DFNS still has not reported as of yet.

The exchange has added an E behind their symbol showing that they haven't reported in the time allowed. Someone from the company finally contacted me but had VERY little to say.

Just that they believe that the 10K will be released soon and answer my other questions I had. They gave no date etc.. Just that.

What "Soon" means I have no idea. I guess its in the same category of what the meaning of "is" is. LOL.

Anyway if you are looking for a quote today you MAY not be able to get it with just DFNS

So the symbol for now is DFNSE (It will change back to DFNS, IF/WHEN they report.)

I would think they would have the report out by the end of business on Monday. If they don't I will start to get more concerned. (They should put in the overtime if need be over the weekend and get it done. Whether they will or not I don't know but that is what they should do.)

I am holding on. I don't know if all shareholders will so the stock may slide a few cents while we wait. The longer the wait the bigger the slide probably.

I will let you know more when I have more information.

Have a good weekend.
Steve Hoven

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hello Stockdoublers,

DFNS still doesn't have anything to report on the 10k and it is very disheartening.

I can't get anyone to return an email or phone call to me. I left a message for Investor Relations and an email still without a reply.

I also contacted the company directly from their site at and they have not yet responded.

No one on the message boards for DFNS that I have been on have any answers as well.

I thought the date was 15 days after March 31st they had to come out with the 10k I guess that isn't the case but I would at least like some answers from Investor relations.

This is actually the 3rd time that IR over the course of a year hasn't been prompt in getting back with me. With all the money that DFNS received from the recent settlement they need to hire a decent IR person. Because they aren't getting their money worth out of the current one from what I have seen.

I am still holding tight to the stock and will. But if this stock is going to have any real movement in the future more people need to know about it. You can have the greatest business in the world but if no one knows about it you aren't going to get customers. Same goes for a stock price.

Well I will let you know more when I have any information to share.

Have a good day
Steve Hoven

Friday, April 11, 2008

1 year in DFNS

Well we have been in DFNS for 1 year now.

I bought DFNS on April 9th 2007 at .50 for the StockDoubling project.

I reviewed some of my comments from that original post.

I thought $15-$20 million in revenue was possible for 2007. It looks like they did $19 million. And earnings could be between .03-.10 it looks like .05-.07 (I am not sure until they release their 10k)

This is the first stock that I have been in for the entire year. Which is really what the project is about. Finding 1 stock per year. Of course I don't want to be in that long but that is the way it has gone.

It has been an interesting ride with lots of times I thought a big rally was just around the corner. And a good amount of opportunities for people to buy.

I like it more TODAY than I did back then. I think it offers far less risk and much more reward then it did a year ago. And its 20% off last years prices.

DFNS HIGH for the year was .70 and low was .24

Current trading at .40 or down 20% from our entry.

They should release their 10k report by April 15th. So anytime really (I predict sometime on Monday) that should give us a better idea of the Q4 results and what we have in store for the future.

I am still quite confident in the stock and don't see much downside at all to this stock.

Basically when I bought it a year ago the book value was around .20. NOW its about .43
They lost money last year. This year they made .05-.07 and is 6-8x PE ratio.
Last year the Price to sales ratio was 1.3 now it is .76
Last year the price was .50 NOW .40

All the important stats are MUCH better then they were a year ago. Yet the price is down 20% from last year.

I think if the company comes out with positive news as far as future growth etc.. That this stock will move VERY quickly higher.

If you are NEW to the stockdoubling project or haven't bought DFNS yet you may want to do your research and consider it. I personally would buy some more at these levels if I had additional money in my brokerage account. But don't do it based on me do your own research.

NOW lets talk about the 4 OTHER STOCKS FROM LAST YEAR.

I also mentioned the 4 other stocks that were in the running for the pick in my original post last April 9th.

I will update you on the price action of each.

GLDS (which is now AIRI) THEN .275 NOW .22 DOWN 18% HIGH .42 LOW .18

At its highest point it was up 50%. At its lowest point it was down 36%. I don't really follow this stock they issue a LOT of shares and I don't like stocks like that so I really haven't followed it. They have bought a lot of different companies and say they will be profitable but with so many shares issued all the time its hard to get a good feel for them. They remind me to much of ATSX and that scares me bad so I don't really watch it.

AYSI THEN .67 NOW $1.25 UP 86% HIGH $2.05 LOW .30

At its highest point it was up 205%. At its lowest point it was down 55%. They have had quite a run up and down. They ran down way too much for what they had and they ran UP probably too much as well. But they ran UP and down pretty quick. Now it is somewhere in the middle. A nice stock over the last 18 months though.

TSSW THEN .76 NOW $1.42 UP 87% HIGH $2.44 LOW .72

At its highest point it was up 221%. At its lowest point it was down 5%. This is by far the best stock of the 5 total. It went UP just a few days after I talked about it. And didn't look back. It had a very nice run and came back down some but was never really under water much at all. They recently announced they are being bought out for $1.48 per share.

CAGC THEN $2.90 NOW $2.50 DOWN 14% HIGH $6.25 LOW $1.78

At its highest point it was up 116%. At its lowest point it was down 39%. This is a china stock which were hot for a while. They make good money but china can be a bit scary as far as reporting etc.. It had a nice run up and they announced they should earn good money. It is probably a little undervalued at these levels but I don't like the China stocks as a whole right now so I will stay away.

3 of the 5 stocks doubled in value.
Had you bought $1000 worth of each of the 5 stocks and held them until they doubled and then sold you would have $6000 right now and still own $820 worth of AIRI and $800 worth of DFNS. (As those 2 stocks haven't doubled yet.)

So the total value of your portfolio would be $7620 or a 52% return for the year. NOT TOO BAD.
(Obviously that is just an example and you can work your own #'s based on your own portfolio size.)

It has been an interesting year.

I will update you again when DFNS comes out with their 10k report which should be within the next couple of days.


Thank you
Steve Hoven

Monday, March 31, 2008


Big Q4 for DFNS!

Use that link.

basically $19 million in revenue. (which is like a $5 million Q4)
And .07 NET profit for the quarter.

This should be a .70 stock!!

They will be reporting late though so look for a report in the next 2 weeks.

I will have more later.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still Waiting on DFNS

Still waiting on the DFNS 10k report. I would say it will probably
happen on Monday March 31st now. Hopefully it won't happen after the
market closes today or before tomorrows open. Usually when companies
dump news on Fridays it isn't too good.

The weekend tends to stop momentum so if its bad Friday is the time to
release it.

So I am hopefully that Monday will be the day. If they don't release it
by the open on April 1st they would be considered late. (They were a
few days late last year. I don't think they will be this year though.)

As of this writing you can buy for .38 and sell for .34. Unless they
come up with horrible quarterly results or follow up news (IE sales are
going to be horrible for 2008) I think we head higher unless the news
is real bad.

The problem has been lack of volume lately. Averaging less than 20,000
shares a day for the last 2 weeks. They need to hire a better Investor
Relations person.

You have a company that has a book value of roughly .43 per share and
has earnings right now of .043. If they were trading at .43 per share
they would be trading 1x book value and 10x P/E and less than 1x Price
to sales.

I think if they earned any kind of profits for their Q4. We will see
the stock close the gap to .50 range. Which is about a 30% move up from
these levels.

Downside is pretty limited at this point I think. They have a nice book
value. (Even they closed for business after paying debts they would
still have .43 per share)

Any downside based on the 10k report I think will be short term. Unless
it just is a totally blowout to the downside. But I can't think of a
reason for this stock to be trading lower than .30 that would well
under book value, P/E would be low and P/S really low.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big News on DFNS

Check out the above link for the news.

Basically the company will get $6 million from Israel for compensation for evacuatation of persons and companies from the Erez Industrial Zone in the Gaza Strip a couple of years ago.

That $6 million is CASH IS HUGE.

They already had a book value of about .24.

Add $4-5 million in cash to that after taxes it adds .14-.17 to the book value. That means the book value would be .38-.41 by itself. And a TON of it in cash.

Its great news. The stock is up some today but should be higher than that just based on that news.

I think it will fill the gap it made back in the fall and rally up to the .50 range before to long.
10k report is also due in the next 2 weeks.

I will post more when I can.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


DFNS came out with news that the SEC inquiry is over and no need to make further changes.

The market likes it as it is UP a bit today on nice volume.

March 31st is the big day where they will have to release their 10k report. If DFNS broke even or MADE money for the quarter this stock will be in the .40's again. If they lost money we may be in the .30's for a while.

The risk/reward in the low .30's is still pretty good though I think.

At .33 and 29 million shares outstanding you have a company worth $9.6 million. The company should do close to $17+ million for 2007. So is trading at a discount to sales. The book value of the company is .24 and growing. They aren't issuing a lot of stock so that is a plus.

They have some smaller orders that they announced but nothing big.

I would think the revenues for Q4 would be in the $2.5-$3 million range.
Earnings is going to be tough. Heart wants it to be up but I think they may lose money based on what I see.

I hope to see some projections from the company on 2008 though that would be nice.

Have a good trading day
Steve Hoven

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


( I wrote this up yesterday but forgot to post it until this morning... )

Nice day in DFNS today.

Good Volume, UP 20%+. Congrats to those that got in when it was in the mid .20's.

DFNS got the SEC issues out of the way with there NEW 10Q's for Q1 and Q2. Not much of a change as far as profits etc...

With that behind them they were able to issue a press release yesterday morning. (It was a holiday so no trading happened.)

This is part of what the news release had to say.....

"We had a net profit of $1.2 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2007, compared to a net loss of $400,000 in the same period last year.”

“In 2007, the Israeli's Defense Ministry's was our major customer and we expect it to continue to be our largest customer in 2008. At the same time, we continue to diligently seek new sales and marketing channels worldwide, while constantly broadening our offerings. Our U.S.-based subsidiary, Own Mills, recently launched a new production line of protective ceramic plates using new technology and machinery. We are witnessing substantial demand for this new product both in the U.S. and worldwide.”

Mr. Postbinder concluded, “I believe that we are well positioned for growth and expansion in our markets and we look ahead optimistically that our share price will in time reflect our company's true value.”
The company has high hopes for the future which is good.
Again if we step back this is a company that will grow their revenues by 60%+ for 2007 over 2006. Will have a good amount of profit (even if Q4 comes in at a loss which I don't know if it will or not) They increased book value etc..

If today was the first time I heard about DFNS it would be on my radar and be interested in buying it of course. But it has been 9 months since the orginal StockDoubling pick of DFNS so we have seen the ups and downs.

Yes I still think it is undervalued, but without some major news new orders or the 10K report (by March 30th) I don't foresee an increase above .50. But I do think its lows are in and we could bounce around the high .20's to low .40's.

This is a stock where the CEO owns the majority of the stock so the pace of news releases isn't as much as a HYPED stock. So it will take some patience. Those that got in DFNS in the .20's will be rewarded nicely I think. Those that were in like me at .50's will have to have some patience.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2nd Project? and DFNS NEW YEAR!

Hello StockDoublers,

I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.

I wanted to update on a few things...

1. Thank you for taking part in the poll I will PROBABLY come out with a 2nd StockDoubling project at some point but it won't happen until at LEAST the end of January or the beginning of Feb. So don't look for another pick until than. I, will of course update you when things are closer and I have more information on it all etc...

2. DFNS is trading at .27 right now not many shares trading yet this morning. It is still odd to me why its down this low. Unless something underlying is going on as far as slow growth going forward etc.. It just seems way undervalued.

Book Value is .24
The 4th quarter just ended a few days ago we won't see any news on that until the end of March or early April.

With roughly 29,000,000 shares outstanding and a .27 share price it puts the market cap of the company under $8,000,000. The company should do at LEAST $16 million for the year just ended so we are trading at well less then 1x Price to sales. The company grew at a large rate this past year on earnings and sales yet is lower in share price then it was at this time last year very odd.

I know the SEC issue is there but from what it looks like is quite small and much to do about nothing. We will see if the sales are in the $3 million + range for Q4 and if they can make money I don't know if they will or not.
But aside from the company imploding it just doesn't look like a lot of downside at this point so I don't see a reason to sell. Even if the company could only do $10 million in revenue next year it is still trading at less then 1 to 1 Price to sales and just over 1 to 1 Price to Book. So I see no point of selling at these levels. If new information comes out etc... I may change my mind but at this point I think its bound to rebound some.

Last year in January the company came out with a news release that the Israel Defense Ministry just ordered $5 million worth of products which sent the stock soaring. I don't know how the budgets are in Israel if its based on the calendar year etc.. But if it is then this month maybe a good one as far as new releases of new orders. Assuming of course they actually get new orders. I wouldn't expect any BIG orders or orders at all from the Israel Defense Ministry as they still have a backlog that they have to run thru and how many vests etc. do you really need? I would love to see some bigger orders for the buses or wall covering etc.. I think that would be a positive sign especially if its from other countries.

A lot of times to start the year you see rallies in stocks that are considered "VALUE" plays. Companies that seem quite undervalued. DFNS actually has rallied nicely to start the year each of the last few years. We will see if that trend continues for it this year or not. Hopefully it will.

I would hope to see some news from the company either on the SEC and/or New orders over the next 60 days. Failure to see ANY news from those two fronts wouldn't be good news going forward in my opinion.

Right now we are in wait and see mode. I have confidence that the stock will rebound to prices that reflect the business facts.

Have a good day
Steve Hoven