Wednesday, May 7, 2008

DFNS on the move, and Free commission trades

Hello StockDoublers,

The symbol is now back to DFNS, the E is off since they reported their 10k. Which someone must like because the volume is over 115,000 today which is pretty good volume on a non news day. Someone bought at .45 just before the close 200 shares to make it look like a big day. However most of the day it traded at .40-.41. But it is in the right direction at least.

I was hoping they would come out with a press release about their year of 2007 but I guess they aren't going to. Maybe on Thursday we will see.....

Next important release is due next Thursday May 15th. Their Q1 is due to be reported then. Whether they will file on time for the Q1 I don't know. That will tell us how 2008 is shaping up and hopefully they will come out with a press release summarizing Q1 and the year 2007 after that report is out.

If you are new to this StockDoubling project and don't have a brokerage account open yet I wanted to take a minute to share a couple of possiblities.

1. I personally use scottrade myself and have a roth IRA with them and a personal account with them. You can open an account for as little as $500 and you just pay $7 commissions per trade. When you sign up if you use referal code SVZP9077 you will get 3 FREE Trades ($21 value) I am pleased with Scottrade and it is a good way to go I feel.

2. Zecco I just signed up with them the other day though I have yet to deposit money with them. The nice thing about them is they have NO minimum deposit to start trading so you can start with $100 if you wanted. (Though I don't suggest that.) Commissions are just $4.50 per trade. If you open an account for $2,500 you get 10 FREE trades each month. So if you trade a little more often and can start with at least $2,500 that is a good way to go. If you use this link you can get all the above and another FREE gift when you join with them.

It is a good idea I feel to have 2 brokerage accounts eventually. They don't have to have equal amounts in them but when/if one of your brokers are done for maintance etc.. And you see a trade you want to place you have a backup. I DON'T SUGGEST DOING THIS WHEN YOU ARE JUST STARTING OUT!

Have a good day
Steve Hoven

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