Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DFNS Q1 report due May 15th

Hello Stockdoublers,

DFNS is due to report their Q1 earnings on Thursday May 15th. Whether they report them then or not I don't know.

They ran WAY behind on the 10k report so whether they had enough time from that report release to this one I don't know. If they file for an extension they would have 5 additional days to report otherwise the E would go back on their symbol again. We will worry about that though IF that happens.

I personally don't think they will beat last years Q1 which was $3.9 million in revenue and .014 EPS. IF it does beat that we should move higher. If it doesn't beat it we will probably go down in stock price. I am quite disappointed that they didn't come out with a press release after the 10k report to tell people what is going on. Hopefully they will after the Q1 is released.

I will be back after the report is released with my take on things.

Have a profitable day
Steve Hoven

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