Friday, June 29, 2007

Out of HIHO at $3.90

I GOT OUT AT $3.90 on HIHO lost about .40 per share on my trade.

Overall HIHO has been very good to me though. Really really suprised this didn't fall more at the open. Some people got out at GREAT prices. I couldn't get my odd # of shares filled. Even though I had a lower sell price then the current market.

Oh well. Not a huge loss as far as financially.

I'll wait and see what happens with the stock in the coming days and weeks.

Currently just own DFNS and CAGC and have a little cash now in my IRA.


Have a good weekend.
Steve Hoven



They released it on Friday for the first time in a year. And I understand WHY!

WOW what a disappointment. I was thinking .07 EPS for the quarter they did a NEGATIVE .13.

Instead of .35 EPS for the year they did .16!!! What a difference.

I can see why they dumped this report on a friday. It sounds also like they will have some additional expenses coming in 2008. I think the revenue will continue to move higher but will earnings follow? Taking out the gain for currency exchange they were closer to .10 for the year. And this stock is over $4. Or 40x PE.

It will probably get WHACKED today in a BIG WAY. More than likely I am selling. Although they still may come out with a dividend next week. (I think it will move up at that time)

The company still has a book value of roughly $3.27 and has a good amount of cash.

The company did do $31.5 million in revenue which is about 2x their market cap. (Though their market cap will go down today)

I think when the dust settles wherever it does today and monday (I assume the lower $3's) It will look good on paper as far as price to sales and price to book but the earnings have to follow and I am not sure if they will or not.

I do think if they do release a dividend which based on their current cash position I don't see why they couldn't. If they do release that I think they will get a bump in price.

As far as trader I wouldn't touch it today. Should be a BAD day for it. Wait for it to settle and if interested in a riskier trade (a week or two hold) then could buy the stock late Monday or first thing wednesday trying to play the dividend news. Of course if they never come out with that news YIKES!

Hopefully DFNS doesn't disappoint like this in their 2nd quarter coming up. (I am in DFNS until I my target or something changes with them)

I will more than likely sell my HIHO assuming it doesn't fall too much ahead of the open. If I can sell in the high $3's I will probably get out. OUCH thats going to hurt. Its not a big position but I was WAY off on my estimates.

Steve Hoven

Thursday, June 28, 2007

No news on HIHO?

Well, I thought I would be crunching the #'s on the 10k HIHO release this morning. But they didn't release #'s. So what to expect????

No news this morning.

Means one of a few things....

1. They are going to dump it in tomorrow on friday which they haven't done in the past. Which to me says it isn't that good of news as usually you want to release news so more trading momentum can be done.

2. They may have until Monday to release the 10k. Due to the fact June 30th is a weekend. But that being said they would need to release on Monday. In the last year based on headlines on yahoo they have only announced 1 thing on any day OTHER than Tue-Thursday, and that was their last release on Monday March 12. So maybe they will start releasing news Mondays too. I am not 100% sure they would have until Monday due to June 30th falls on the weekend but I think that is the case. Investor relations for HIHO is on the west coast so they aren't available yet this morning.

3. They need more time to finish the 10k and may file an extention. Which isn't good usually.

4. If they do release the 10k on monday it will probably push the dividend announcement (assuming they have one) back another week as well.
Last year HIHO released their 10k on June 29th which was a Thursday. And then their dividend announcement was on the 5th of July.
I think its kind of silly to release your 10k the week of the 4th with less trading days etc..

Hard to say either way.

I am surprised they didn't announce this morning. And I think the stock price will suffer for it today and tomorrow because of it.

I am still in it and still like it. But I would have liked to see the release this morning like clockwork. The #'s will be out when they are out and they will move the stock to where the market values it.

Have a good day.
Check out

Steve Hoven

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

HIHO and CAGC update and help out

Good morning,

It looks like HIHO will probably announce their earnings before the bell tomorrow Thursday June 28th. It will be interesting to see how their results are.

Here are my GUESSES. What they could do for the year. $32 million in revenue. .35 EPS and roughly 4 million shares.

Assuming my guesses are correct.....(which they may not be)
At $5 per share the company would have a market cap of $20 million. So the prices to sales ratio would be about .63 so under 1 to 1 price to sales.
It would be trading at just over 14x P/E ratio.
And have about a 1.42 Price to book ratio.

They should also announce next week a dividend of .16 which is a 3% return on a $5 stock.

They did $26 million in revenue last year and earned .01. They should do $32 million (my guess) and earn .35 (my guess) this year. That is over a 23% growth rate for the year.
That growth rate doesn't reflect the 2 businesses they bought during the year one of which was purchased very late and had no impact on the growth.

I could for see them having $50 million+ in revenue in 2 years if they continue to grow strong.
I currently own it and am looking for a $5 stock after earnings and dividend announcements. If the earnings are bad or the dividend doesn't happen this stock will go down. I may exit the stock if it moves up quickly I don't know yet. But I will post it on this blog whatever I do.

CAGC has been moving up nicely on good volume the last week or two. Up to $3.70 yesterday. (Original post price was $2.90 on April 9th blog) The company has said in a news release a few weeks back it expects to earn .43-.45 for the year (based on current # of outstanding shares) If that is the case at 10x PE its a $4.30-$4.50 stock. At 15x PE its a $6.50+ stock. I think they can do a little better then that. And for the next couple years I see some great growth from them. They are projecting that the revenues will grow 50-60% for this year. A good stock to own longer term 6-24 months+.

CAGC is a stock that reminds me of TBSI which we covered back in May 2006 in the $5's had a cheap P/E and growing. Now TBSI is $27+ in just over a year! I don't know that CAGC will run like TBSI did but I think CAGC is a good stock to own without a lot of downside.

Have a good day and I should have an update on HIHO tomorrow assuming they come out with earnings before the bell tomorrow.

Have some friends who could benefit from the stock videos? and earn $21 per sale for the stock Videos. Help people how to earn money with finding GOOD stocks and put money in your pocket at the same time.

Have a great day
Steve Hoven

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why I avoid Pink Sheet Stocks

Why I avoid stocks on Pink Sheets!

Companies that trade on Pink Sheets or .PK are very small and very hard to get GOOD information on.

They are selling a story (read my story stocks article for more details on that) and more than likely issuing MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF SHARES. Why do I say more than likely? Because on the pink sheets the company isn't required to release an annual report (10K) or quarterly reports (10Q).

They can continue on and on without reporting ANY of their financials. And they can continue to release press release after press release talking about what they are "going to be doing" etc..

Is their money to be made in Pink Sheets? YES!!! A stock can move HUGE in a very short time. It can more than double in a DAY! But getting on the right side of things is rare and knowing when to get out is difficult because its not based on anything but the story.
The company has no sales figures to back it up in most cases.

It is very hard to find data on the companies that trade on pink sheets. (Companies that have .PK behind their symbol when researching them on yahoo finance)

Some companies are on the pink sheets just temporary due to missing a financial deadline etc... I still wouldn't buy a company like that until the financial data is back up to date. Their is just too many ways companies can play with their #'s if they aren't reporting.

If you want more information on pink sheets. Their is a website at where you can do more research. Again I don't invest in any pink sheet stocks nor would I suggest it.

The money to be made is trying to strike it rich quick and rarely does that work. Especially over the long term. A lot of the pink sheet stocks are less then a penny so you need to buy 100,000-1,000,000 shares in order to have any type of sizable amount. Yet the company probably has many BILLION shares outstanding. Its like buying a lottery ticket or hoping to strike gold. Its closer to gambling then investing.

With our investing with StockDoubling project we go thru a LOT of research to understand what the company does what its prospects are for the future etc... Could we lose? YES! But we are giving ourselves an opportunity for success based on research and facts and value of the company. NOT BASED ON A STORY OR HYPE!

My suggestion is avoid pink sheets and just look for solid companies that are undervalued and growing.

Have a good day
Steve Hoven

Monday, June 25, 2007 New Design

Hope you had a great weekend.

The website has been redesigned (Now with audio) check it out when you get a chance. It is our Stock Video Ebook that goes into details about the exact details on how I find the stocks to trade for myself and for the project.

Look for news this week from HIHO.

Also it is the end of the 2nd quarter this week for both DFNS and CAGC. (Q2 report due 45 days later.)

Have a good day.

Steve Hoven

Friday, June 22, 2007

Do you have a $1 million dollar Stock Goal?

Do you have the $1 million goal?

I started stockdoubling with the goal of finding 1 stock a year to double. So after 3 years I would be at $4,000 after starting with just $500.

$500 doubled equals $1000 (Year 1)
$1000 doubled equals $2000 (Year 2)
$2000 doubled equals $4000 (Year 3)

Well I got to the Year 3 goal after just 14 months!

But do you have a goal in mind? Is yours to pay off your home or buy a home with the monies? Retire early so you can volunteer more of your time? Whatever it is. Have it written down so you can stay focused at the goal at hand rather than jump from stock to stock like I use to do.

Jumping from stock to stock is fine with some of your money but the goal with StockDoubling is to have a set amount that is invested and isn't touched. Just put in 1 stock and when the goal is hit move on to the next stock.

If you don't know where you are going you won't know if when you get there. If you don't have a goal in mind (on Paper) you won't know when you hit the target.

The goal doesn't have to be a massive #. If it just enough to pay off the bills than that is fine too. But if you don't have it written down life just has a way of changing what you want to more and more etc.. You will find ways to spend the $$$ and in 3-5 years you wish you had that money back investing.

So I suggest just starting with an amount that is small enough that you won't be forced to touch for your everyday expenses.


HIHO has moved up ahead of their earnings release next week. (UP about .30 cents from my last purchase) Again I am looking for earnings between Tuesday-Thursday of next week. If the stock goes down based on earnings I think it will rebound nicely a week thereafter due to the dividend announcement that should probably be the first week of July. I am looking for $5+ stock.

ATSX which was our 4th pick for the stockdoubling project. Is around .20 and released their Q3 last week. Boy am I glad we are out of that stock. They keep issuing more and more stock now up to 40 million! (It was 19 million back in late Jan!) If we wouldn't have gotten out of that stock we would be waiting on it for YEARS! Ended up making 1/2 cent on it but lost about 2 months of our time. (But we were WAY AHEAD of schedule anyway.) I wouldn't touch that stock with a 10 foot pole at this point. LESSON LEARNED!

Have a great weekend.
Talk again on Monday.

Steve Hoven

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New StockBroker? Various News

Happy Thursday,
The Stock Video/ebook should available again either this weekend or early next week. The site is being redesigned etc...

Make sure if you ordered the videos that you get your stock pick to me so that I can do some research for you on it and give you my thoughts on it etc...
I wanted to mention another brokerage company for those of you who haven't been able to put the $500 together for a scottrade account.
I recommend using
and if you use the code SVZP9077 when you sign up you will get 3
commission free trades. You will need $500 to deposit into
the account.

However if you can't swing the $500 at this time and would like to start lower I came across the following site the other day.

They have NO minimum deposit requirements. So you could deposit $100 if you wanted to and start trading with that. The
problem of course starting that low is the commissions will eat up your
profits. You will have make 10-15% just to break even from
the commissions etc.. So I don't think it is the
wisest way to go. I would say try and get $500 saved, either have a
garage sale or save $100 for 5 months or something but try and get to
that figure if you want to open an account. also has many different fees etc.. That can charge you
As I said my first choice for you would be open a scottrade account with at least $500. But if their is just NO way you can raise that money
you could try

(I DO NOT HAVE ACCOUNT WITH LOWTRADES.COM and I don't plan to either at this time.)
Just wanted to pass the information on to those who may need it.

Here is an interesting video you may want to watch.....
The move has started with little or no fanfare, and almost zero media

This is how the big moves start, they are usually off the radar screens
of most traders and media pundits.

It is only when the move is almost over do you begin to see exhaustive
coverage and market projections on all media outlets. Then it is too

This move, in this market will potentially create major problems for the
world equity markets.

click here for the video

Have a great Thursday
Steve Hoven

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blog Updated Every Weekday

Happy Wednesday,

I wanted to let you know that from now on EVERY WEEKDAY this blog will be updated with something new.

From an article about stocks, to updates on the stocks I own or am watching and other information.

Each day you will get an update even if the stocks I own are slow. I will have an update on my thoughts on picking stocks etc...

So you can come back each and every day and know that this blog will be updated. (Mon-Friday)

So put the blog in your favorites or sign up for the blog to be emailed to you each day (on the left)

So no more checking the blog to see if their is anything new and come to find out that nothing has been posted in a week.

I currently own 3 stocks......

1. DFNS (Defense Industries) Which is the ONLY one I own for the project. (I also own some additional shares in my IRA of DFNS.) I picked the stock for the project when it was trading at .50. Currently it is .60 or up 20% in a little over 2 months. (Not too bad, some people would kill for 20% in a year!)
The stock has been slow bouncing between .55-.63 for a little while now. I don't see any movement coming until the company announces Q2 earnings on August 15th or announces some new orders. I would LOVE to see some new orders! If they announce some big new orders we could go to the .70's and with a good Q2 could approach $1. We will see.

2. CAGC (China Agritech) I own this stock in my IRA. Company is making money and should grow earnings and revenue a good deal. They project about .47 EPS for this year and at a 10x PE that is $4.70 stock. At 15x P/E that is a $7 stock. I can foresee some good growth in this company for a few years ahead. Not a lot of downside and Q2 is historically their biggest Q of the year. (Which will come out August 15th) Usually the only news you get from them is the Quarterly reports.

3. HIHO (Highway Holdings) I picked up some shares of this last week for my IRA. They will be coming out with their 10K report by the end of June. They could do .35-.40 for the year in EPS. They are expanding and I can see good growth from them of 30%+ for the next few years. They have a book value of about $3.50 so not a lot of downside. They also have a good amount of cash and pay a dividend. It will depend on how the 10K news is taken on whether the stock goes up or down after the release. If it goes down (but the report is decent) I think it would be a great time to buy as historically they have announced their dividend about a week after they release the June #'s. So it should pop up based on that news. So I am looking for a earnings release next week Tue-Thur and a dividend news release about a week after that. If the #'s are good I think it could run to $5+. Which would be about a 16% from where I bought it last week.

Let me know what else you would like to see on this blog to help you with your stock trading.
On our way to $1,000,000????

Have a great day
Steve Hoven

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On Vacation this week

I am on vacation this week so you won't hear much as far as updates on the stocks etc..

The stock ebook should be available again sometime late next week but will have a higher price on it. I thank all of you whom have reviewed the material and given your thoughts on it. It has helped me guide on any changes etc..

As far as DFNS goes the end of the month means the end of the 2nd quarter for DFNS. So hopefully they have a great Q2. It will then be 45 days before the announcement on Q2 so at this time all we can do is just wait.

The price has dipped back down to the .57 level again which seems to be magnet for the stock lately. I don't see a great deal of movement either way until we get some news on new orders or Q2 release.

If you have money laying around and want it laying around for the next 2 months now might be a decent time to get DFNS. I don't see a lot of downside in the stock at this point unless the revenue dries up or something not yet released. Based on all the information out there I think the downside is .10-.15 and the upside is .40-.50. So anywhere from 3 to 1 to 5 to 1 risk/reward ratio. Anything can happen of course. But I don't see a lot of downside based on the current releases.

Have a great week.
Steve Hoven

Thursday, June 7, 2007

86% of picks up at least 70%?

The Bid/ask on DFNS has moved to .60-.62 as of this morning. (Which isn't always the best indication since the markets are still closed as of this writing.)

Their has been a good deal of volume over the last couple weeks in the .55-.57 range though so maybe a lot of the free flowing shares were eaten up at those levels and now its time to trade in the lower .60's.

Today is the LAST DAY to get the Stock Videos at the discounted price and bonuses.

Here are just some examples of the "other stocks" that I have picked since started the project.

Oct 31st 2005 "Other Stock" XING less than $6 hit a high of almost $20
May 24th 2006 "Other Stock" TBSI less than $6 hit a high of $24+
Oct 16th 2006 "Other Stock" TORM $1.86 hit a high of almost $3.50
April 9th 2007 "Other Stock" TSSW .76 hit a high of $1.85

Those are just SOME of the examples of the "other stocks" that I gave when I pick my main stock for stockdoubling. The point of that is to show you that its not just 1 "LUCKY" trade I have been picking each stock etc..

Actually of the all the stocks I have picked (the main pick for and the "other stocks") that have had at least 6 months of trading, 86% of them have gone up at least 70% since I covered them. 13 of the 15 stocks have gone up at least 70%! Only 2 stocks have gone down!
(You can find all that information in the ebook at

The point is that the information I use to pick stocks has worked quite well over the last 19 months. Not only for the stocks I have entered myself but for the "Other Stocks" the stocks that were in the running to be my top pick.
And I gather the information from the same sources that I have put in the Stock Video ebook. Which is found at

So be sure to check out the site today because tomorrow will be too late.

Have a great weekend.
Steve Hoven

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

DFNS estimates?

Assuming DFNS blows thru the backlog this fiscal year. That would mean $7.5 million in revenue. And if they blow thru their inventory of $4.1 million that is a total of $11.6 million in revenue.

Add that to the 3.9 million Q1. And add roughly $3 million in local civilian sales ($1 million per quarter)that is a total revenue of $18.5 million in revenue for 2007.

That of course is not including any additional contracts they receive. I would say any contract that is announced prior to labor day (early Sept) has a chance to effect this fiscal year.

At $18.5 million in revenue that is roughly a 75-80% increase over last year. I would also think we could see .08-.10 EPS based on those #'s.

Though I don't see any movement in the stock unless we see more contract news releases. Otherwise mid August we should see the news. 1 profitable quarter doesn't make a trend but I think we are in the right spot.

Remember Thursday June 7th is the LAST DAY to get the Video/ebook about how I pick my stocks at the discounted price. You also receive the bonus. is where to go. That page isn't anything fancy but the information you will find in the videos is very well worth it.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you
Steve Hoven

Friday, June 1, 2007

June 1st 2007

Their are 13 videos in the video/ebook at

The videos show you EXACTLY what I do when looking for my own stocks to buy. And as a bonus I will do FREE research on a stock for you giving you my thoughts on that stock based on research etc.. (Normally sells for $25 by itself thru www.StockDoubling.INFO )

You won't need to be spending all your time researching stocks. Just take a few hours on a weekend or some evening after work when you are looking for a stock and follow the steps in the videos.

All my stocks have given me my goal within 4 months. (My orginal goal is 1 year) Plus if you look at the results from the "other stocks" over 80% of those stocks have gone up 70% as well.

Even if you don't have the time now to look for stocks yourself. This is good material to have in your collection to reference in the future.

And at $29 + the bonus its like paying $4 for the video ebooks.

Remember after next Thursday June 7th I remove the video ebook from the market for a week+ and will be raising the price.

As far as the 2 stocks I own.....

DFNS is holding steady in the mid .50 range. Still up 10%+ from orginal purchase. And I am still looking for $1 per share within the next 10 months or so. (I think it could happen after the next earnings release on August 15th if it is as good as I think it could be.)

CAGC is in the mid $3's. Up from the orginal call of $2.90. It is a safe stock but boring. Should have a MASSIVE Q2 (August 15th) could get to $4 before that news I would look for $4.50-$5 after that news.

Have a great weekend.
Steve Hoven