Thursday, June 28, 2007

No news on HIHO?

Well, I thought I would be crunching the #'s on the 10k HIHO release this morning. But they didn't release #'s. So what to expect????

No news this morning.

Means one of a few things....

1. They are going to dump it in tomorrow on friday which they haven't done in the past. Which to me says it isn't that good of news as usually you want to release news so more trading momentum can be done.

2. They may have until Monday to release the 10k. Due to the fact June 30th is a weekend. But that being said they would need to release on Monday. In the last year based on headlines on yahoo they have only announced 1 thing on any day OTHER than Tue-Thursday, and that was their last release on Monday March 12. So maybe they will start releasing news Mondays too. I am not 100% sure they would have until Monday due to June 30th falls on the weekend but I think that is the case. Investor relations for HIHO is on the west coast so they aren't available yet this morning.

3. They need more time to finish the 10k and may file an extention. Which isn't good usually.

4. If they do release the 10k on monday it will probably push the dividend announcement (assuming they have one) back another week as well.
Last year HIHO released their 10k on June 29th which was a Thursday. And then their dividend announcement was on the 5th of July.
I think its kind of silly to release your 10k the week of the 4th with less trading days etc..

Hard to say either way.

I am surprised they didn't announce this morning. And I think the stock price will suffer for it today and tomorrow because of it.

I am still in it and still like it. But I would have liked to see the release this morning like clockwork. The #'s will be out when they are out and they will move the stock to where the market values it.

Have a good day.
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