Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stock Video Ebook Now AVAILABLE!

The Stock Video Ebook is now available at

It is just $29 and you receive 1 stock researched by me a $25 value.

It is mostly in videos so you MUST have fast internet connection to purchase the ebook.

It will only be available at this price until June 7th! At which time the price will go up and won't have the bonuses available.

After your purchase via paypal (can be done via credit card as well) make sure you go to the merchant page where you can view the ebook instantly!

Have a good trading day
Steve Hoven

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ebook and other stuff

Sorry for the lack of information this week. I have been working on getting the ebook ready. Things are pretty much ready the problem is getting the videos on my server and working those bugs out. My webguy had some other projects as well so this was kind of pushed back.

Hopefully we get things worked out by the first part of next week.

This ebook is mostly in VIDEOS! So if you do order the ebook you need to be on DSL or cable internet. DIAL UP WILL TAKE TOO LONG! The cost will only be $29 but only for a little while. More details on that next week.

As far as DFNS nothing has changed it has been doing ok volume in decent chunks. The big investor (3 million shares) may be dumping some of his stock I don't know. I am impressed that the stock has just held in this .55-.58 range again. It probably won't do much until another news release comes out or when the 2nd Quarter release is produced (August 15th)

It is a boring stock right now. But as is the case with many low priced stocks like this they seem to really move in a day or two after news and are pretty quiet the rest of the time.

Have a good weekend.
Steve Hoven

Friday, May 18, 2007

Good stock for the next 12-18 months

I just listened to the Conference call for CAGC it was a pretty good one. The company also released a press release this morning giving guidance on the 2007 revenue and earnings. They are looking for basically 50% growth in both for 2007. Or earning about .45-.47 for the year. (I think that will be a little low I think .50 is doable.)

If they do earn .50 at 10x PE that is a $5 stock. If they have 15 PE that is a $7.50 stock. I think the company can have an even better 2008. Their tax rate will go down 6-8% which will go to the bottom line. And their factories should be fully up and running and have a good distributor force for them.

I could see a $7-10 stock for CAGC over the next 18 months. It is the type of stock to just buy and hold and forget about. (Put alerts on for different prices but no need to watch it all the time.) A great IRA stock or maybe something for your kids fund if you have one setup.
Not a lot of downside (assuming they can produce what they think) and good upside. A good risk/reward stock but not real exciting should just make money quarter after quarter for a while.

We will probably be in a QUIET period for the next 3 months waiting for the Q2 reports.

Have a good weekend.
If I get all my videos ready I SHOULD have the ebook available sometime mid/late next week. Lord willing.

Steve Hoven

Thursday, May 17, 2007

CAGC conference call on Friday morning

In case you are interested. (Whether you own CAGC or are interested in the stock.) The company plans on having a conference call on Friday May 18th at 9am Eastern to discuss the earnings report they just announced. If you can't make it you can listen to the recorded message for up to 90 days after the call.

On these calls they tend to just read over the #'s for a while etc.. Nothing too exciting. However their are times that the company will give guidance on the calls they may not put in a news release their is also Question and Answer time where you can get your specific question answered.

If you want to learn more how trading etc.. It is a good way to get a little more insight into companies. And it doesn't cost you anything but the phone call and a little time.

I will probably be on the call I own a small amount of CAGC. You can find the details of how to get on the call by going to yahoo finance for the symbol CAGC and look under headlines.

A quick update on the 5 stocks from the April 9th release.

DFNS (Which is the Pick) Then .50 Now .57

The Other 4 stocks...

GLDS Then .275 Now .36
AYSI Then .67 Now .51 (Only one of the 5 that is down)
TSSW Then .76 Now $1.41 (First stock of the 5 to double)
CAGC Then $2.90 Now $3.35

Have a good day
Steve Hoven

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Interesting day for DFNS yesterday. It hit a new 52 week high of .70 but only closed up a couple cents for the day. A lot of volume possibly from the person holding 3 million shares that is interested in selling.

DFNS also made a mistake on their press release on net income. I have gotten confirmation from the company that the 10Q # or roughly .02EPS is the correct # which is good news.

Depending on if this big investor trys to dump his shares will determine where the stock could go. If he trys to dump them we could go to the .40 range. If he doesn't I think we will stay in the .50-.70 range until the Q2 comes out which would be August 15th.
I would expect some BIG #'s as far as revenues and earnings for that report.

If we can get some additional positive news releases about new orders etc.. We should see some good movement in the stock. I feel quite comfortable now with this company, now that they have shown they can earn a profit from their increased revenues.

We are only a little over a month into this pick so just having patience will be key. So far it hasn't taken longer than 4.5 months in prior StockDoubling picks to get a double. (4.5 months for DFNS would be around Q2 time.) This is a 1 year project per stock at least that is the goal. I think if DFNS can build on this Q1 # though with an even stronger Q2 in both revenue and earnings I don't think we will have to wait a whole year for the double.

I sold my AYSI shares that I held in my IRA yesterday and actually bought more DFNS (for my IRA). AYSI fell hard and may recover but their earnings report wasn't good it may be fine over the next 6-12 months but I felt DFNS had better upside in the shorter term.

I do own some CAGC still though for my IRA. CAGC came out with their 10Q after the bell yesterday and they had a very nice quarter. They earned .10 EPS on $8 million revenue both of which are way up from last year. Their Q2 is their BIG quarter. I would guess they could earn .15-.20 for that quarter.
It is a screaming buy at the $3.10 level you could have bought at open this morning. Downside is less than $1 and upside $2+.

Also TSSW hit a high $1.56 yesterday which is more than a double from the .76 price when I orginally covered the stock. (April 9th as part of the "other stocks" I guess that should have been the stockdoubling pick. Hindsight is 20/20 and I think DFNS will be fine in the long run.) If you bought some TSSW congrats!

Have a good day
Steve Hoven

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


DFNS released their 10Q today ontime which is GREAT!
(Here is the link if you would like to read the 10Q )

Overall I think it is a VERY GOOD report.

They came in with $3.9 million in revenue and .02EPS.

The revenue # is a bit smaller then I thought but I will get to the why in a little bit.

The EPS was .02 (Actually they rounded up it is really about .017) Either way I will take it.
The EPS was the most important it shows they can earn a profit from the expanded sales which is BIG!

As I looked at the revenue # I see that the backlog of the company has JUMPED HUGE! They now have a backlog of $7.5 million! They had a backlog of just $3.5 million at the end of last year. So a $4 million jump in backlog. If just $1 million of that would have been filled. (Backlog = unfilled customer orders) we would have been sitting on almost $5 million in revenue for the Q1. I wasn't expecting that type of increase in backlog that is why my revenue estimates were high.

I have a couple of minor questions that I have sent via email to the company to get a bit more insight and I will pass that along when I get that information.

Based on the news releases the company received $4 million in local miltary orders that needed to be delivered by April and another 2.2 million that needed to be delivered by July. That is $6.2 million that needed to be delivered by July. So far thru March 31st only $1.5 million has been filled. Meaning $4.7 still need to be delivered (or put in backlog)
I also count up about $1.3 million from announced orders that need to be filled in Q2 for export miltary.

So unless everything goes into backlog in Q2 we should see some very big revenue #'s and hopefully some good earnings as well.

I think we will see a nice move in the stock today. (I would think at least, they have proved they can earn money.)

My target on DFNS IS $1.00 (Not today just overall)

FYI AYSI also released earnings but they aren't that good. If I get a chance today I will probably sell out of that stock from my IRA.

Monday, May 14, 2007

DFNS the wait is almost over

We should see a report from DFNS tomorrow. It's hard to wait but not much we can do. If you don't own the stock and have an interest in it. This could be your last day to purchase it at these prices. (Assuming its a good report.)

The same could be said for AYSI and CAGC. (CAGC I am not looking for blowout #'s but hoping for possible guidance which could move the stock.)

I will send out an email and post on the blog as soon as I get information on the companies releases.

Hopefully we will see something like TSSW after its report it went from the .80's to $1.40.

I hopefully should have the video/ebook about picking stocks ready within a week or so.

Have a great day

Steve Hoven

Thursday, May 10, 2007

DFNS will Surprise or Disappoint?

4 more trading days before we get news on DFNS and the other stocks I own for that matter. (AYSI and CAGC)

AYSI moved up 11% yesterday on strong volume yesterday. (And is up again today)

CAGC is still a good deal but I think will take the longest to really move. But I think it is also the safest.

We should get earnings reports from each of these stocks on or before May 15th. (Next Tuesday)

On DFNS I think if the company comes out with AN OUTSTANDING report you could see as much as a .40 cent move. By outstanding report I would say $4.5+ million revenue and .02+ EPS.

If it isn't able to produce a profit downside could be to the .45 support area or about a .12 down move. So the risk/reward I think is pretty good. (If it broke .45 then .40 would be next stop. Then .35 and .30 I don't think it will get that low though.)

And quite honestly I would be a bit shocked if the company didn't do at least $4 million in sales for Q1. Based just on the news releases since Jan. They have $8.9 million in order that need to be completed by JULY. (End of June is 2nd quarter) That doesn't include the smaller orders that they wouldn't put in a news release or the $3.5 million backlog they had at the end of the year. Or the Civilian orders which on average were about $1 million per quarter last year. So I would think $10 million in revenue for the first 2 quarters should be doable for the company. (They did $10.6 million in revenue all of last year.)

So unless they put most of the revenue into Q2 or if they can't produce a profit I think it will be ok. The key will be earnings. If they can't show a profit it may fall even if they have a BIG revenue increase.

Have a great day
Steve Hoven

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The 3 stocks that I own

The following 3 stocks I own for either my IRA or for the StockDoubling project each have earnings coming out within the next week. And if the earnings are good as I expect I would see a 35% run in each of them.

I own the following 3 stocks.....

DFNS (This is my largest holding) and my pick for the project. I am looking for $1 per share sometime in the next 11 months but I would think it should happen within 3-4 months if earnings are good.

(They should release Q1 earnings by MAY 15TH and I expect them to be up 150-200% over last year.)

CAGC I don't think this stock will double soon but I think it offers good risk/reward. They are trading at roughly 11x earnings they do make money and should grow a good deal this year. The upside is $2+ the downside is less then $1. Should come out with earnings by MAY 15TH.

AYSI I purchased this stock yesterday. Had big volume compared to normal. The company will release earnings by MAY 15TH. They already earned .03 for Q1. If they could do just .02 for Q2 they would be trading at about 5x 2007 projected earnings. I think it could be a $1 stock in the next 3-4 months.


I think all of them offer good potential of moving up 35% within the next 2 weeks and more over the next few months ASSUMING OF COURSE THEY COME OUT WITH GOOD QUARTERLY REPORTS. Which based on my research they all should.

Have a good trading day.
Steve Hoven

Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday May 4th

Not much to report on DFNS it has been a slow week.

8 trading days until we get the 10Q report. I am expecting some good news from that.

We should also hear from CAGC and AYSI as well within the next 8 days. I am expecting good growth for both of those stocks over last year as well. (I do own a small amount of CAGC)

I have worked some on the ebook for how I pick stocks. Hopefully I will get more time to do it next week and would like to have the ebook ready in the next week or two.

Check out the new look at www.StockDoubling.NET

Have a good weekend.

Steve Hoven