Thursday, May 17, 2007

CAGC conference call on Friday morning

In case you are interested. (Whether you own CAGC or are interested in the stock.) The company plans on having a conference call on Friday May 18th at 9am Eastern to discuss the earnings report they just announced. If you can't make it you can listen to the recorded message for up to 90 days after the call.

On these calls they tend to just read over the #'s for a while etc.. Nothing too exciting. However their are times that the company will give guidance on the calls they may not put in a news release their is also Question and Answer time where you can get your specific question answered.

If you want to learn more how trading etc.. It is a good way to get a little more insight into companies. And it doesn't cost you anything but the phone call and a little time.

I will probably be on the call I own a small amount of CAGC. You can find the details of how to get on the call by going to yahoo finance for the symbol CAGC and look under headlines.

A quick update on the 5 stocks from the April 9th release.

DFNS (Which is the Pick) Then .50 Now .57

The Other 4 stocks...

GLDS Then .275 Now .36
AYSI Then .67 Now .51 (Only one of the 5 that is down)
TSSW Then .76 Now $1.41 (First stock of the 5 to double)
CAGC Then $2.90 Now $3.35

Have a good day
Steve Hoven

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