Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The 3 stocks that I own

The following 3 stocks I own for either my IRA or for the StockDoubling project each have earnings coming out within the next week. And if the earnings are good as I expect I would see a 35% run in each of them.

I own the following 3 stocks.....

DFNS (This is my largest holding) and my pick for the StockDoubling.com project. I am looking for $1 per share sometime in the next 11 months but I would think it should happen within 3-4 months if earnings are good.

(They should release Q1 earnings by MAY 15TH and I expect them to be up 150-200% over last year.)

CAGC I don't think this stock will double soon but I think it offers good risk/reward. They are trading at roughly 11x earnings they do make money and should grow a good deal this year. The upside is $2+ the downside is less then $1. Should come out with earnings by MAY 15TH.

AYSI I purchased this stock yesterday. Had big volume compared to normal. The company will release earnings by MAY 15TH. They already earned .03 for Q1. If they could do just .02 for Q2 they would be trading at about 5x 2007 projected earnings. I think it could be a $1 stock in the next 3-4 months.


I think all of them offer good potential of moving up 35% within the next 2 weeks and more over the next few months ASSUMING OF COURSE THEY COME OUT WITH GOOD QUARTERLY REPORTS. Which based on my research they all should.

Have a good trading day.
Steve Hoven

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