Friday, May 25, 2007

Ebook and other stuff

Sorry for the lack of information this week. I have been working on getting the ebook ready. Things are pretty much ready the problem is getting the videos on my server and working those bugs out. My webguy had some other projects as well so this was kind of pushed back.

Hopefully we get things worked out by the first part of next week.

This ebook is mostly in VIDEOS! So if you do order the ebook you need to be on DSL or cable internet. DIAL UP WILL TAKE TOO LONG! The cost will only be $29 but only for a little while. More details on that next week.

As far as DFNS nothing has changed it has been doing ok volume in decent chunks. The big investor (3 million shares) may be dumping some of his stock I don't know. I am impressed that the stock has just held in this .55-.58 range again. It probably won't do much until another news release comes out or when the 2nd Quarter release is produced (August 15th)

It is a boring stock right now. But as is the case with many low priced stocks like this they seem to really move in a day or two after news and are pretty quiet the rest of the time.

Have a good weekend.
Steve Hoven

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