Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TATTF Marketclub BUY signal

Here is a video to check out.

ON TATTF which is a stock I own. (Not for the project but just in general) I have spoke on it a few times. My average entry was $7.13 back in Mid June. Anyway Marketclub just went long via their trade triangles on it. Which means one of 2 things. We are at the beginning of a BIG run up. Or within 2-3 weeks it will get knocked out quickly with a loss.

Marketclub tends to either win BIG. Or lose QUICK. So keep an eye on TATTF if it goes to $9+ we should see a nice run continue. If it just sticks in the low $8's and $7's it is a false breakout. Some nice things though it has moved up nicely in the last month even though the markets overall have been down. The company is also buying back a bunch of shares of their own stock as they feel its undervalued. They do have a decent amount of cash so as far dealing with the credit issues they shouldn't have a problem funding themselves.

I will probably watch it for these next couple weeks see what happens. My entry was $7.13 so I have some wiggle room at these current prices (over $8). I think $10 is a closer to fair price for the stock.

Here is the video on tattf and my thoughts......

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Have a great trading day

Monday, September 8, 2008


TATTF a stock I own. (Not for the stockdoubling project) came out with news today.

They authorized a buyback of shares of about $7 million which is about 1 million shares based on these current prices.
The stock closed up 8% today to $6.88.

It has come up nicely after bottoming a couple months ago. My entry was above $7 so I am still underwater but this is some nice news.

I don't think they will buy back that many shares but the company is at least showing some interest in the stockholders by saying the share price is undervalued.


Anyway I think TATTF is still a $8-$10 stock somewhere down the road. They are making money and with their investment in the new company they seem to be making some money as well.

I think it can run higher than $10 it is a company with only 6.6 million shares. Just depends on the buyers/sellers. But as far as risk I think they should do at least .80 for the year and at 10x PE that is a $8 stock not including any cash they have etc...

I should have some BIG news coming later this month!!

Have a great day