Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I sold out of all my DFNS that ISN'T AFFILIATED with the StockDoubling project. So I still own 8000 shares of DFNS but I don't own additional shares. I had purchased DFNS in the .155-.19 range over the last couple of months.

I sold all that stock in the .20-.25 range over the last couple weeks. It was too good of profits to turn down. Some of it was 30% return in a month or two. I still like DFNS and will hold the orginal position. I don't think it will get to .50 any time soon but I would LOVE to see it back in the teens again so I could load up on it. Currently .22-.26 per share.

They came out with some great news over the last month. From a buyback and now they have bought out a minority interest in a company they had majority interest in. And they seemed to pay a fair amount for it. They also bought back 1 million shares as part of that deal which a 3% outstanding shares. (About 10% of the float if you assume the CEO won't sell his shares)

I may not be able to get back in the teens but trading DFNS has been pretty good for me. The orginal buy of course hasn't. When I get out of this position I don't know.

With Israel at war with Hamas right now (cease fire) how that effected DFNS I don't know. You would think sales would be strong of course the issue is did they sell there products at a profit. They seem to be using the $$$ they got from the gov't in a good way. I think if they can continue to make money even if its a couple cents per year I think these prices could double over the next couple of years. Downside is limited but do you want to wait it out that is the deal of course.

IF DFNS comes down to the teens I will buy more. If it goes to the .40's I would probably consider selling my StockDoubling pick stock.

On to other stocks I have talked about.
ITRA got bought out at $4 so that was a nice return for those of your who purchased in the $3's. I made a couple % on the stock. I didn't hold until the end though.

TATTF is another ISRAEL stock that I really like. They have a good amount of cash and still make some good money. They also own a great deal of LIMC and the company is buying back stock. I think eventually it will probably go private but that is just opionon.
I own the stock from a higher price. I will buy more for a trade if it gets back into the mid $4's. Right now its around $5.

If you haven't checked out the videos at

www.Videos4Traders.com yet you really need to I love the Market Wizards Insights one its great and you should check it out. Its FREE!