Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Friday March 30th

Happy Friday,

I would expect I wouldn't have a StockDoubling pick until at LEAST mid week Next week. I haven't done all the research that I need to do and it doesn't look like I will be able to complete it until mid week next week at the earliest. Their are some good stocks out their that I think are cheap if you hold them 12 months or so but I don't know if they are doubling stocks. (Maybe only 50-70% upside) So I don't want to jump in those right now.

Sometimes you can jump in a stock just to have a stock and it may be a good one but it may take 9-12 months for a double. Or if you wait around for a month or two for the "right" one and jump in that you may get a double in 3-5 months.

So we will see how things look over the next week as I do more digging around.

I also have a few things that I would like done before I jump into the StockDoubling pick and those may take a few days.

So enjoy your weekend read some of the articles I wrote for this blog and get ready for a possible pick next week.

Thank you
Steve Hoven

Thursday, March 29, 2007

86% of my stocks went up at least 70%!

Since I started the project back in October 2005 I have picked 4 stocks.

Some have been larger stocks but most have been low priced stocks or penny stocks as some might call them.

As you know I research 100's upon 100's of stocks finally narrowing the search down to 5 stocks that I feel have good potential. I than pick the 1 stock for the StockDoubling project that I feel best about.
I then invest my money from the project in that 1 stock. The "other 4" as I like to call it I also send to StockDoubling subscribers so they might see what other stocks were in the running.

So with each pick their are actually 5 stocks covered by me. (The one main pick for the project and the four other stocks.)

Not including this last pick which was just 2 months ago. (Not really enough time to evaluate things.) Out of my 3 previous picks their has been a total of 15 stocks covered. (3 main picks and 12 other stocks.)

Of those 15 stocks that I have covered 13 of them have gone up at least 70%! That is 86% of my covered stocks!
Only 2 stocks didn't go up 70% and those actually went down a bit.
(And you got to remember that only 5 of those 15 stocks were covered a year + ago. The rest all have happened in less then 1 year.)

You can read all the details on that in the ebook I break down the 15 stocks etc... Go to

So what's my point? My point is I do a lot of research for the stocks I select I am putting my own money on the line as well. I am ALL IN in a manner of speaking as I am putting all the money for the project on 1 stock.

You can make money with penny stocks if you know what you are doing. So far that is a pretty good track record of success. Will that continue? I don't know but I will do my best to pick solid companies that give me the best chance at success.

If you want that same kind of research for the stocks you are presently in. Go to http://www.StockDoubling.INFO

I should be able to narrow down when I might have the next stock pick either tomorrow or Monday. I will keep you posted on this blog. (The stock pick won't be until at least next week but I will narrow it down probably in the next few days.)

Tell your friends its one of the best compliments I can get.
Happy Trading
Steve Hoven

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Should you be using StockDoubling Stocks in your IRA?

Before we get to today's article I wanted to let you know I may get sometime this week to do some of the research for the next stock pick. I am not sure yet if it will be enough or not but we will see how it goes. I wanted to let you know in case I do get enough time and the stocks I am currently look at come out with decent earnings etc... We COULD have our 5th pick as early as next week.
Stay Tuned

Should you be using StockDoubling Stocks in your IRA?

IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account.

You can set one up thru most stockbrokers. The broker I use is they offer great commission rates of just $7 per trade. And you can open an account for as little as $500.

You can open an IRA with them or any broker you so desire.

The two IRA's to choose from would be a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA.

I won't go into all the details of each of them as they do vary a little bit you can read up more on them at your stockbrokers website.

A traditional IRA you can deposit money pretax into the IRA. When you become eligible (it will vary) but generally at 59.5 years of age you can began to withdrawal your funds should you so desire. It will be taxed at that time of withdrawal. If you withdrawal before 59.5 you will pay penalties + taxes owed etc..

A Roth IRA you deposit after tax money into the IRA. Again you become eligible at 59.5 years of age however you can withdraw the money TAX FREE.

So if you had $1,000,000 in a traditional IRA you would be paying taxes when you withdraw at 59.5 years of age. However you were depositing pretax money.

If you had $1,000,000 in a Roth IRA and reached 59.5 years of age you could withdrawal TAX FREE.

I choose the Roth IRA for myself.

So I have a regular stock trading account that I use for the StockDoubling project. And a I have Roth IRA. In the Roth I also purchase the stock for the project though not usually as many shares. I also put some money into other stocks I like etc..

If all goes well with the StockDoubling project I will be paying taxes each year on my regular stock trading account as it grows. But with the Roth IRA I won't be paying taxes on the gains at all assuming I leave it in there until I am 59.5 years of age.

So is an IRA right for you for the StockDoubling project? I can't answer that only you can.
But if you have an IRA already setup you may want to take $500 (or whatever amount you are comfortable with) and put some $$$ on the StockDoubling pick as well. That way the money can grow tax free towards your retirement.

I have a regular stock trading account as well so if things come up and I have to withdrawal monies I could do that without penalty.

You can even get a break on your taxes for 2007 by opening an IRA before April 17th. (Ask your tax advisor for details.)

If you are looking to build money up for retirement that is a good way to go with an IRA. Only you can decide if it is right for you. But having a long term plan for retirement and an account where you can withdrawal money out anytime you want works for me.

Happy Trading
Steve Hoven

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 Story Stocks!

I will get to my article on Story stocks in a moment but wanted to mention a few things.....

1. If you haven't setup a Stock Brokerage account yet and are still looking check out use referal code SVZP9077 and you will receive 3 free trades when you sign up. (You can sign up for a minimum $500 account.)

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Now on to the article..........

Story Stocks, What are they and should I avoid them?

What is a Story Stock? Well I don't know if I invited that phrase but my definition of it is simple. A stock that is built around a story. Yes every company has its own story what they do, when they started, their growth etc...

But what I am talking is the company that is ONLY selling the story. They talk about the industry as a whole. (The following is just general #'s of what a typical story stock might say...) The company deals in the medical field and say they have a drug that may down the road cure cancer. The company talks about how big the medical industry is, In the many billions! The company says if we could even just get 1% of the market we would have $100 million in sales. Or our net earnings would be $1 per share.
Yet the company is trading for .50-$3.

What they don't tell you is they just have an idea and it takes YEARS upon YEARS to develop a drug and it is very expensive. So in the meantime they will be issuing more and more shares of stock. Which dilutes the shareholder value while the CEO is making $100,000+ salary. It could be years upon years before they see even $1 in revenue. Yet that company could have a marketcap of $100 million+.

That is what I consider a story stock. A company that has a goal and its a big goal but they are NO WAY NEAR IT. And the value of the company is already valued as if they were already at that goal. THAT IS BIG TIME TROUBLE STAY AWAY!!

Another example (I won't mention company names in case someone mistakes this as a good stock.)

This company deals with WIND Energy. What a GREAT STORY! It is a very hot sector right now. And who wouldn't want to use wind energy. I would love to have wind energy myself getting electric based on mother nature its a great concept. I am by no means an environmentalist but if I can save money and it helps the enviroment then great.

This company was selling a story that wind energy is the future. (Which it may be.) That getting just a small portion of the energy market can mean millions upon millions of revenue. (Which it would.)

I ran across this stock 2 years ago and it was trading in the low $1+ range. Today it is trading at .10 and has a market cap of $3.4 million. So it has roughly 34 million shares outstanding. I don't recall what it had a few years back but even if it was 10 million shares that was a $10-15 million marketcap.

In those 2 years you know how many wind machines they have sold? 0, yes ZERO! They haven't had any revenue in that time.

You know how much the CEO of the company makes per year? $225,000
You know how many employees they have? 11

Not a bad job shuffling papers around not having ANY REVENUE but still making a nice check.

You know how much they spent on Selling and Administration (basically salaries) for the quarter ending June 2006? $1.3 MILLION!! Yet they had NO REVENUE!

Will that company eventually have revenue? I don't know but what I do know is they will issue more and more shares to continue to pay salaries of the CEO and other employees and go deeper and deeper in debt.

So now you know a couple of examples of a story stock, how do you know the stock you are looking at is a story stock?

Well if you get a little 6-8 page magazine all about a Stock via Snail mail. 90% chance that is going to be a story stock.

If you get a spam email talking about a stock that is going to go from .50-$3 in the next 5 days 99.9% chance that is a story stock.

The risk in a story stock is just too great. Because the only thing holding it up is just that a story. The ONLY people that usually win is the company as if the stock goes up they issue more and more stock at the higher price so they can pay for more things. And with story stocks people seem to get sucked into the story so much they aren't able to see a way out of it.

Go on and click finance and enter the stock symbol you can see what the company revenue has been and comments about it. It may even have a message board. Which SOMETIMES can be helpful.
It is your money do a little research. A story stock can be found out very quickly and you really don't need to know a lot about reading the #'s etc..
If in doubt go to http://www.StockDoubling.INFO and I will research it for you if you are really interested in it.

If the email, article or message board you read ONLY about the industry as a whole and not what the companies #'s are YOU HAVE A STORY STOCK.


I have been in story stocks and have been BURNED many times with them. For every 1 good story stock that will have a SHORT term run you will have 10-15 that will fall flat on their face.

Watch for a company with earnings, revenue, book value etc... If it has a good story that is a great benefit but it CAN'T be the main focus of the company.

Happy Trading
Steve Hoven

Monday, March 26, 2007 Blog Monday March 26th

Thank you for visiting. I hope you had a chance to view our family of sites for

If you haven't please check them out at this is our main site with Testimonials, FAQ page, results so far, charts, broker statements and much more. Still a FREE site! you can find my NEW FREE ebook "How I turned $500 into $4000 in 14 months!"

http://www.StockDoubling.INFO is a site where you can submit your own stocks that you are watching or currently own. I will research the stocks for you and give you my indepth view of what I think of the stock. Where I think it can go and the risk/reward. All the same research I do for my StockDoubling project.

And this site http://www.StockDoubling.ORG our daily blog with information on our current pick etc...

I am working on my taxes this week and have a couple stocks I am looking at that will release their 10K's this week. So I will be waiting to see what those stocks have to say and doing more research in the next week or two.
No need to rush the pick I want it to be solid. So I would expect the 5th pick to be out before the first part of April at the earliest.

In the meantime I will have some tips on this blog what to look for and to look OUT for when investing in stocks. I will have a couple of articles this week on that so come back tomorrow and read about STORY STOCKS!

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments to

Friday, March 23, 2007

Welcome to the BLOG

Hello and welcome to the first blog for

Here you will get daily updates on the project.

I exited my ATSX shares on Thursday at .235. Which is a 1/2 cent gain.
This is the first stock I had to exit prior to reaching my goal and is a bit disappointing. I had very high hopes for the stock.

I actually felt at one point it would be the quickest double of them all. I felt mislead by investor relations about shares outstanding which as I mentioned in the January 25th news ( ) was my biggest worry about the stock.

After the 10Q news and the company news release on Tuesday and really diving into the #'s I just didn't have a great feeling about the stock anymore. The company diluted the shareholders so much and the revenue growth is slowing. They are profitable but based on my figures may only see .01 or .02 for next year unless things really pick up.

And I needed a .46 share price for a double. So earning .02 EPS for 2008 would mean I would need almost a 25 x PE to get my double. A LOT of things would have to go right in order for that to happen.

Could the stock take off and really move upward? YES. And for shareholders sake I hope it does. But looking at risk/reward I seen way too much risk vs reward in the stock based on the new numbers. So I felt it best to get out with basically a break even position and move on to something else.

The one thing that can kill this project is finding a dud of a stock or having to wait YEARS for a turnaround by buying at the wrong time and having to wait and wait. I felt like that could have been a possibility with ATSX.

And at least it wasn't a losing trade either so all that was lost was a couple of months of time. Though we are still WAY ahead of schedule for this project.

And since I mentioned I got out of my IRA shares of ATSX at .295 those of you who were in the stock should be anywhere from small gains to small losses.

Anyway on to the next one.

I have my eye on a couple of stocks but haven't really done a ton of research on them as of yet. More than likely I won't have another pick until the first part of April. A couple of stocks that maybe on my radar have some news coming out by the end of March that I would like to see how that plays out first. Plus I want to do more research like I normally do on other stocks.

I have updated the site with some FAQ's, Testimonials, and different things that you will want to check out. And its all still FREE!

I also have http://www.StockDoubling.NET which has the FREE ebook the story of how I turned $500 into $4,000 in just 14 MONTHS!

I also have http://www.StockDoubling.INFO which is a site where I will research a stock for you like I do for the StockDoubling project. I will give you in depth research on what I like and don't like about the stock and potential that it may have. So if you have stocks on your own radar that you would like another opinion on check out that site.

And this blog site is http://www.StockDoubling.ORG or
I will have a daily update EACH DAY on the Project.
This will be the place where I will update all the News on the Stock and this is the FIRST place you will see what my next stock pick is.

I hope you enjoy the family of StockDoubling sites as much as I have enjoyed this project. It has been fun so far and I think will be even better in the future.

Until Next Time
Happy Trading
Steve Hoven