Friday, March 23, 2007

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Hello and welcome to the first blog for

Here you will get daily updates on the project.

I exited my ATSX shares on Thursday at .235. Which is a 1/2 cent gain.
This is the first stock I had to exit prior to reaching my goal and is a bit disappointing. I had very high hopes for the stock.

I actually felt at one point it would be the quickest double of them all. I felt mislead by investor relations about shares outstanding which as I mentioned in the January 25th news ( ) was my biggest worry about the stock.

After the 10Q news and the company news release on Tuesday and really diving into the #'s I just didn't have a great feeling about the stock anymore. The company diluted the shareholders so much and the revenue growth is slowing. They are profitable but based on my figures may only see .01 or .02 for next year unless things really pick up.

And I needed a .46 share price for a double. So earning .02 EPS for 2008 would mean I would need almost a 25 x PE to get my double. A LOT of things would have to go right in order for that to happen.

Could the stock take off and really move upward? YES. And for shareholders sake I hope it does. But looking at risk/reward I seen way too much risk vs reward in the stock based on the new numbers. So I felt it best to get out with basically a break even position and move on to something else.

The one thing that can kill this project is finding a dud of a stock or having to wait YEARS for a turnaround by buying at the wrong time and having to wait and wait. I felt like that could have been a possibility with ATSX.

And at least it wasn't a losing trade either so all that was lost was a couple of months of time. Though we are still WAY ahead of schedule for this project.

And since I mentioned I got out of my IRA shares of ATSX at .295 those of you who were in the stock should be anywhere from small gains to small losses.

Anyway on to the next one.

I have my eye on a couple of stocks but haven't really done a ton of research on them as of yet. More than likely I won't have another pick until the first part of April. A couple of stocks that maybe on my radar have some news coming out by the end of March that I would like to see how that plays out first. Plus I want to do more research like I normally do on other stocks.

I have updated the site with some FAQ's, Testimonials, and different things that you will want to check out. And its all still FREE!

I also have http://www.StockDoubling.NET which has the FREE ebook the story of how I turned $500 into $4,000 in just 14 MONTHS!

I also have http://www.StockDoubling.INFO which is a site where I will research a stock for you like I do for the StockDoubling project. I will give you in depth research on what I like and don't like about the stock and potential that it may have. So if you have stocks on your own radar that you would like another opinion on check out that site.

And this blog site is http://www.StockDoubling.ORG or
I will have a daily update EACH DAY on the Project.
This will be the place where I will update all the News on the Stock and this is the FIRST place you will see what my next stock pick is.

I hope you enjoy the family of StockDoubling sites as much as I have enjoyed this project. It has been fun so far and I think will be even better in the future.

Until Next Time
Happy Trading
Steve Hoven

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