Thursday, March 29, 2007

86% of my stocks went up at least 70%!

Since I started the project back in October 2005 I have picked 4 stocks.

Some have been larger stocks but most have been low priced stocks or penny stocks as some might call them.

As you know I research 100's upon 100's of stocks finally narrowing the search down to 5 stocks that I feel have good potential. I than pick the 1 stock for the StockDoubling project that I feel best about.
I then invest my money from the project in that 1 stock. The "other 4" as I like to call it I also send to StockDoubling subscribers so they might see what other stocks were in the running.

So with each pick their are actually 5 stocks covered by me. (The one main pick for the project and the four other stocks.)

Not including this last pick which was just 2 months ago. (Not really enough time to evaluate things.) Out of my 3 previous picks their has been a total of 15 stocks covered. (3 main picks and 12 other stocks.)

Of those 15 stocks that I have covered 13 of them have gone up at least 70%! That is 86% of my covered stocks!
Only 2 stocks didn't go up 70% and those actually went down a bit.
(And you got to remember that only 5 of those 15 stocks were covered a year + ago. The rest all have happened in less then 1 year.)

You can read all the details on that in the ebook I break down the 15 stocks etc... Go to

So what's my point? My point is I do a lot of research for the stocks I select I am putting my own money on the line as well. I am ALL IN in a manner of speaking as I am putting all the money for the project on 1 stock.

You can make money with penny stocks if you know what you are doing. So far that is a pretty good track record of success. Will that continue? I don't know but I will do my best to pick solid companies that give me the best chance at success.

If you want that same kind of research for the stocks you are presently in. Go to http://www.StockDoubling.INFO

I should be able to narrow down when I might have the next stock pick either tomorrow or Monday. I will keep you posted on this blog. (The stock pick won't be until at least next week but I will narrow it down probably in the next few days.)

Tell your friends its one of the best compliments I can get.
Happy Trading
Steve Hoven

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