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Thank you for visiting. I hope you had a chance to view our family of sites for

If you haven't please check them out at this is our main site with Testimonials, FAQ page, results so far, charts, broker statements and much more. Still a FREE site! you can find my NEW FREE ebook "How I turned $500 into $4000 in 14 months!"

http://www.StockDoubling.INFO is a site where you can submit your own stocks that you are watching or currently own. I will research the stocks for you and give you my indepth view of what I think of the stock. Where I think it can go and the risk/reward. All the same research I do for my StockDoubling project.

And this site http://www.StockDoubling.ORG our daily blog with information on our current pick etc...

I am working on my taxes this week and have a couple stocks I am looking at that will release their 10K's this week. So I will be waiting to see what those stocks have to say and doing more research in the next week or two.
No need to rush the pick I want it to be solid. So I would expect the 5th pick to be out before the first part of April at the earliest.

In the meantime I will have some tips on this blog what to look for and to look OUT for when investing in stocks. I will have a couple of articles this week on that so come back tomorrow and read about STORY STOCKS!

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