Thursday, June 21, 2007

New StockBroker? Various News

Happy Thursday,
The Stock Video/ebook should available again either this weekend or early next week. The site is being redesigned etc...

Make sure if you ordered the videos that you get your stock pick to me so that I can do some research for you on it and give you my thoughts on it etc...
I wanted to mention another brokerage company for those of you who haven't been able to put the $500 together for a scottrade account.
I recommend using
and if you use the code SVZP9077 when you sign up you will get 3
commission free trades. You will need $500 to deposit into
the account.

However if you can't swing the $500 at this time and would like to start lower I came across the following site the other day.

They have NO minimum deposit requirements. So you could deposit $100 if you wanted to and start trading with that. The
problem of course starting that low is the commissions will eat up your
profits. You will have make 10-15% just to break even from
the commissions etc.. So I don't think it is the
wisest way to go. I would say try and get $500 saved, either have a
garage sale or save $100 for 5 months or something but try and get to
that figure if you want to open an account. also has many different fees etc.. That can charge you
As I said my first choice for you would be open a scottrade account with at least $500. But if their is just NO way you can raise that money
you could try

(I DO NOT HAVE ACCOUNT WITH LOWTRADES.COM and I don't plan to either at this time.)
Just wanted to pass the information on to those who may need it.

Here is an interesting video you may want to watch.....
The move has started with little or no fanfare, and almost zero media

This is how the big moves start, they are usually off the radar screens
of most traders and media pundits.

It is only when the move is almost over do you begin to see exhaustive
coverage and market projections on all media outlets. Then it is too

This move, in this market will potentially create major problems for the
world equity markets.

click here for the video

Have a great Thursday
Steve Hoven

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