Thursday, June 7, 2007

86% of picks up at least 70%?

The Bid/ask on DFNS has moved to .60-.62 as of this morning. (Which isn't always the best indication since the markets are still closed as of this writing.)

Their has been a good deal of volume over the last couple weeks in the .55-.57 range though so maybe a lot of the free flowing shares were eaten up at those levels and now its time to trade in the lower .60's.

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Here are just some examples of the "other stocks" that I have picked since started the project.

Oct 31st 2005 "Other Stock" XING less than $6 hit a high of almost $20
May 24th 2006 "Other Stock" TBSI less than $6 hit a high of $24+
Oct 16th 2006 "Other Stock" TORM $1.86 hit a high of almost $3.50
April 9th 2007 "Other Stock" TSSW .76 hit a high of $1.85

Those are just SOME of the examples of the "other stocks" that I gave when I pick my main stock for stockdoubling. The point of that is to show you that its not just 1 "LUCKY" trade I have been picking each stock etc..

Actually of the all the stocks I have picked (the main pick for and the "other stocks") that have had at least 6 months of trading, 86% of them have gone up at least 70% since I covered them. 13 of the 15 stocks have gone up at least 70%! Only 2 stocks have gone down!
(You can find all that information in the ebook at

The point is that the information I use to pick stocks has worked quite well over the last 19 months. Not only for the stocks I have entered myself but for the "Other Stocks" the stocks that were in the running to be my top pick.
And I gather the information from the same sources that I have put in the Stock Video ebook. Which is found at

So be sure to check out the site today because tomorrow will be too late.

Have a great weekend.
Steve Hoven

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