Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blog Updated Every Weekday

Happy Wednesday,

I wanted to let you know that from now on EVERY WEEKDAY this blog will be updated with something new.

From an article about stocks, to updates on the stocks I own or am watching and other information.

Each day you will get an update even if the stocks I own are slow. I will have an update on my thoughts on picking stocks etc...

So you can come back each and every day and know that this blog will be updated. (Mon-Friday)

So put the blog in your favorites or sign up for the blog to be emailed to you each day (on the left)

So no more checking the blog to see if their is anything new and come to find out that nothing has been posted in a week.

I currently own 3 stocks......

1. DFNS (Defense Industries) Which is the ONLY one I own for the project. (I also own some additional shares in my IRA of DFNS.) I picked the stock for the project when it was trading at .50. Currently it is .60 or up 20% in a little over 2 months. (Not too bad, some people would kill for 20% in a year!)
The stock has been slow bouncing between .55-.63 for a little while now. I don't see any movement coming until the company announces Q2 earnings on August 15th or announces some new orders. I would LOVE to see some new orders! If they announce some big new orders we could go to the .70's and with a good Q2 could approach $1. We will see.

2. CAGC (China Agritech) I own this stock in my IRA. Company is making money and should grow earnings and revenue a good deal. They project about .47 EPS for this year and at a 10x PE that is $4.70 stock. At 15x P/E that is a $7 stock. I can foresee some good growth in this company for a few years ahead. Not a lot of downside and Q2 is historically their biggest Q of the year. (Which will come out August 15th) Usually the only news you get from them is the Quarterly reports.

3. HIHO (Highway Holdings) I picked up some shares of this last week for my IRA. They will be coming out with their 10K report by the end of June. They could do .35-.40 for the year in EPS. They are expanding and I can see good growth from them of 30%+ for the next few years. They have a book value of about $3.50 so not a lot of downside. They also have a good amount of cash and pay a dividend. It will depend on how the 10K news is taken on whether the stock goes up or down after the release. If it goes down (but the report is decent) I think it would be a great time to buy as historically they have announced their dividend about a week after they release the June #'s. So it should pop up based on that news. So I am looking for a earnings release next week Tue-Thur and a dividend news release about a week after that. If the #'s are good I think it could run to $5+. Which would be about a 16% from where I bought it last week.

Let me know what else you would like to see on this blog to help you with your stock trading.
On our way to $1,000,000????

Have a great day
Steve Hoven

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