Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DFNS NEWS, and ETLT with Marketclub

DFNS came out with a press release yesterday but didn't really say anything different then what we knew from the 10k and 10Q report.
You can read it here.

Next earnings report is due August 15th. IT WON'T be as strong as Q2. Hopefully they turn a profit but we will see. Unless they come out with some news between now and then I see it as a "dead" stock for a while moving between .30-.40 or so. I am still in just frustrated with things.

Check out this video on ETLT which is an "OTHER STOCK" from Oct 2006.

Another profitable round of trading with marketclub.

Have a profitable day
Steve Hoven

PS let me know what stock you would like a video done on and I will check it out and show you the results trading it with Marketclub.

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