Friday, May 23, 2008

Marketclub for TSSW

Here is the video of TSSW if trading via Marketclub over the last year.

A great example of to beginner traders. Your WINNING %'S HAS NO BARRING on your PROFITS!!

Here is a perfect example. 4 trades 3 trades were losses but the 1 trade was a BIG winner and a very nice profit overall!

I know that was big hurdle for me to get over early in my own trading. I always looked at winning %'s to see if a system was good. Well that is SO misleading. As you can have a system that wins 90% of the time but is still not profitable.

Say you win 9 out of 10 trades and the average winner is 1 point but the average loser is 10 points. That means you still lost money!

A great many top traders never even win close to 50% of there trades they don't have to they keep their losers small and let their winners run.

If your average win was 3 x's your average loss do you know you only have to win 25% of the time to BREAKEVEN!
So out of 4 trades you could lose 1 point on 3 trades and win 1 trade for 3 points and you would still breakeven!

Which was very easy to see in the TBSI video I made earlier this week.
The winners made on average over $10 per share and the losers were around $2 a share! So the profits were 5x more than the losses!!

Check out Marketclub this weekend. They offer a 30 DAY RISK FREE OFFER. The cost is about $1 a day and well worth it if you are trading.

So whatever you trade you can find a way to profit from it.

Here is the video of TSSW over the last year.

Have a great weekend.
Steve Hoven

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