Saturday, May 17, 2008

DFNS update and other STUFF.

I wanted to update you on DFNS.

1. DFNS came out with an amended 10Q yesterday to correct the EPS for Q1. As I talked to you in the last update I thought the EPS LOSS was less than .01 and in their orginal report they showed .02. I emailed the company and they responded that they noticed the mistake as well and would be correcting it. The loss is really like .008 but they round up to .01.
So I am glad that has been fixed.

2. All things considering the stock didn't fair too bad yesterday only going down .01 on the stock price. .35 by .36 is the bid/ask. The bad thing at this level it isn't a SCREAMING buy like it would be in the high .20's and .30. But it isn't overvalued either so you don't really get momentum going in any direction.

3. The company SHOULD come out with a press release on their Q1 report on Monday I would expect. Hopefully they will shed some light on things. They do have a good amount of cash now as well so hopefully in the next couple of months we will see some movement in buying companies or buying back shares or something.

4. We started this project on Oct 31st 2005 with $500 and a goal of hitting $1 million within 11 years. Double our money once a year was the goal. It went fast the first year or so and has slowed down a LOT since than.
This is how the goal looks.
$500 Oct 31st 2005 Start
$1000 Oct 31st 2006 DONE
$2000 Oct 31st 2007 DONE
$4000 Oct 31st 2008 Well we started our DFNS with $4000 so that was completed. However since we are underwater with DFNS (8000 shares x .50) we are under that goal. So to stay on track, we either have to have $4000 back by Oct 31st 2008 or $8000 by Oct 31st 2009. My point being we still have some time yet in DFNS even though its been over a year we have been in this stock. If I don't see a potential for the stock to move to $1 over the next year + and it hits .50 again I may bail. It would give us plenty of time to still reach our goal etc..

5. I don't know when I will start the 2nd StockDoubling project again. I continue to evalute DFNS I don't want to be choosing both a StockDoubling project stock and a stockdoubling project Stock #2 at the same time. I will probably also have monthly picks like I did before stocks I feel that can move 15-35% within 4-6 weeks. I will keep you posted on that. In the meantime......

6. Next week you will want to check this blog EVERYDAY. As I will be making videos of some stocks from the stockdoubling projects and how you could have profited from them and can in the future. I will have a new video each day Lord willing to help you in your trading.
I will give you reminders each day as well. It should be fun.

Have a great weekend.
Steve Hoven

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