Wednesday, January 23, 2008


( I wrote this up yesterday but forgot to post it until this morning... )

Nice day in DFNS today.

Good Volume, UP 20%+. Congrats to those that got in when it was in the mid .20's.

DFNS got the SEC issues out of the way with there NEW 10Q's for Q1 and Q2. Not much of a change as far as profits etc...

With that behind them they were able to issue a press release yesterday morning. (It was a holiday so no trading happened.)

This is part of what the news release had to say.....

"We had a net profit of $1.2 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2007, compared to a net loss of $400,000 in the same period last year.”

“In 2007, the Israeli's Defense Ministry's was our major customer and we expect it to continue to be our largest customer in 2008. At the same time, we continue to diligently seek new sales and marketing channels worldwide, while constantly broadening our offerings. Our U.S.-based subsidiary, Own Mills, recently launched a new production line of protective ceramic plates using new technology and machinery. We are witnessing substantial demand for this new product both in the U.S. and worldwide.”

Mr. Postbinder concluded, “I believe that we are well positioned for growth and expansion in our markets and we look ahead optimistically that our share price will in time reflect our company's true value.”
The company has high hopes for the future which is good.
Again if we step back this is a company that will grow their revenues by 60%+ for 2007 over 2006. Will have a good amount of profit (even if Q4 comes in at a loss which I don't know if it will or not) They increased book value etc..

If today was the first time I heard about DFNS it would be on my radar and be interested in buying it of course. But it has been 9 months since the orginal StockDoubling pick of DFNS so we have seen the ups and downs.

Yes I still think it is undervalued, but without some major news new orders or the 10K report (by March 30th) I don't foresee an increase above .50. But I do think its lows are in and we could bounce around the high .20's to low .40's.

This is a stock where the CEO owns the majority of the stock so the pace of news releases isn't as much as a HYPED stock. So it will take some patience. Those that got in DFNS in the .20's will be rewarded nicely I think. Those that were in like me at .50's will have to have some patience.

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