Friday, April 18, 2008


Hello Stockdoublers,

DFNS still has not reported as of yet.

The exchange has added an E behind their symbol showing that they haven't reported in the time allowed. Someone from the company finally contacted me but had VERY little to say.

Just that they believe that the 10K will be released soon and answer my other questions I had. They gave no date etc.. Just that.

What "Soon" means I have no idea. I guess its in the same category of what the meaning of "is" is. LOL.

Anyway if you are looking for a quote today you MAY not be able to get it with just DFNS

So the symbol for now is DFNSE (It will change back to DFNS, IF/WHEN they report.)

I would think they would have the report out by the end of business on Monday. If they don't I will start to get more concerned. (They should put in the overtime if need be over the weekend and get it done. Whether they will or not I don't know but that is what they should do.)

I am holding on. I don't know if all shareholders will so the stock may slide a few cents while we wait. The longer the wait the bigger the slide probably.

I will let you know more when I have more information.

Have a good weekend.
Steve Hoven

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