Monday, June 23, 2008

Israel stocks going lower?

You can buy DFNS for .30 right now. YIKES.

Its not bad long term I don't think at these levels.

The risk though is.....

Does israel bomb Iran?

What is IRAN reaction?

Is Israel still around or can they function with a wide spread war?

Some reasons why the stock may be headed lower.

Actually I own another ISRAEL stock TATTF which is also going lower on light volume.

If a war starts with iran and israel. The civilian sales for DFNS will expand but will the profit margins? And if it wide scale can DFNS operate with bombings etc..

Not saying that will happen. But israel won't let Iran have Nukes and IRAN isn't going to like getting bombed. US would step in I am sure as well. Than do we have another big war? Oil continues higher and does it become a major fight for that?

Not saying any of that will happen but some may be leaving the stock because of that.

Interesting stuff to think about at least.

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