Friday, June 13, 2008

DFNS news, Another stock I bought and

Just a quick update on the Project.

I am still in DFNS and look for high .20's to mid .40's until the company comes out with additional new order press releases or until a good 2nd quarter is reported which won't be until August 15. (I am not sure it will be a good Q2 anyway) The downside to the stock is limited for the long term though so I am holding and waiting for better prices.

I did want to mention I bought some shares of TATTF the other day above $7. THIS IS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STOCKDOUBLING PROJECT AND DOES NOT EFFECT THE PROJECT IN ANY WAY. This was ADDITIONAL money I had to trade.

I am NOT looking for TATTF to double but I do think it is undervalued and I think $10 a share is my goal over the next 60-90 days or so.
They trade at a discount to book value and well below 1x P/S and will probably make .80-$1 for the year so at these levels I see them well undervalued.
Again this ISN'T a PICK but it just an additional stock that I bought just for short term gain (hopefully) I don't have a stop in place but unless the company comes out with some bad news I don't foresee me selling. It is near some good support in the $6+ range. Whether that is the bottom or not I don't know.

Make sure you don't miss the HUGE NEWS on Monday June 16

It will change the way you trade forever.

Have a profitable day
Steve Hoven

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