Saturday, October 4, 2008

Companies with Cash

I will be releasing my Before It Moves package on Thursday At 10am. It will be 19 videos in all just over 3 total hours of videos on how I find stocks for the stock doubling project and my personal account. You won't want to miss it.
This will also be the ONLY place to get my picks for the StockDoubling # 2 project. Which first pick will happen in late October 2008.

Between now and Thursday though I want to give you some free content to help you in your trading.

This first video deals with finding companies that have a good cash position. With the credit issues currently going on. (banks not willing to lend as they once did etc..)
It may be wise to find companies/stocks that have a good amount of cash on their books. They can self fund themselves for a while and continue to grow thru spending their own money. They won't need to borrow or issues shares (diluting the stock).

In this follow 7 minute video I show you a good way to find those type of stocks and do that quick research.

You can also sign up for our Early Bird list. And get special announcements on the Launch of the program plus be first in line.
And the best part the program will cost you NOTHING up front!

Have a great weekend

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