Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Updates on the 2 stocks I own.

First on DFNS.

Nothing new on it. Still in the upper .20's and light volume.

They are due to report Q2 earnings on the 15th which is Friday. I would imagine though they will be late and not report until Monday (or later) of Next week.

Its hard to say what the #'s will be DFNS doesn't like to give out much information so its hard to say. Hopefully the margins improved though and we will see some profits again. I would LOVE to see .02 EPS for the quarter. But I am not sure that we will see that. Whatever the company does, what will move the stock is what the company has to SAY about about performance. If they don't say anything then we may just be treading water for a while.

The book value is still in the low .40's and they still should do $14-$15 million for the year I think. The company has a current market cap of under $8 million so its a good deal at these levels I think. Just have to have some patience with this stock. Which I am kind of running out of especially at the levels I bought at. Those getting in at these levels for the first time though I think will make out pretty well. Unless the company makes some MAJOR blunders.

So we will wait until Q2 earnings come out and hope for the best.

The other stock I am in is TATTF. (not for the stockdoubling project)
I have an average position in the low $7's I believe it is. And bought it about 2 months ago.
You can read all the stats I did on it on the previous blog entries.
But it fell to the low to mid $5 range in July but in the last couple of weeks has moved back up a little bit and as of this writing is trading at $6.20 per share.

They own 8.1 million shares of LIMC which should report earnings by the 15th of August. So if the earnings are good from LIMC that stock should move and so should TATTF.
TATTF is also due to report their own earnings on August 15th that being a friday they each may wait until after the bell on Friday I am not sure.

TATTF earnings will be off last years I am pretty sure but TATTF is just a value play.
They have a marketcap of about $41 million. However their investment in LIMC by itself is worth about $38 million. So the markets are only valuing TATTF assets, cash, other businesses at $3 million which crazy.
TATTF should be trading at $8-$10 per share right now easy I think and eventually I think the market will prove that out assuming my #s are right and the company doesn't crumble.

I will update you when they come out with their earnings.

Have a great day
Steve Hoven

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