Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Today the day for DFNS?

On Oct 5th on the blog I talked about DFNS needing to put out a release about a new order to get the momentum going ahead of the earnings release. Obviously that didn't happen.

Today is Nov. 14th I would think that the earnings release would be sometime today. Either before the market opens, during market opening, or as they tend to do after the market closes. The reason to do it after the market today is to still have 2 trading days for the week to trade the news. If they dumped it after tomorrow's close than all we would have left is Friday to trade. And I would assume that the quarter would be bad.

They have been late in the past as well but they tend to give revenue and earnings #'s in the late filing report. Hopefully we won't see that though.

I am looking for $4.3 million in revenue and .017 in EPS.

The stock price has fallen a bit to the low .50's. I picked up some more yesterday at .53. I have almost 19,000 shares of DFNS and it is my only holding. I may sell out of some of those shares depending on the quarterly report.

I highly doubt that I would sell out of my DFNS stockdoubling shares no matter where the DFNS stock goes (up or down) based on this quarters #'s. Unless they say they see a major slow down in growth coming even a fall into the low .40's or a little worse wouldn't scare me out probably. But I will keep you posted.

Those that aren't in DFNS. I think this offers good risk/reward at these levels. A person can basically buy the stock for .03 more than what I did 6 months ago. And there is a LOT more good news in the stocks in that 6 months. If another good quarter comes out I think this stock reaches .70+ sometime next week. If its bad news I think it could fall to the high .30's but would be a steal down there. (Assuming they aren't slowing growth in a major way which based on their comments doesn't seem to be the case.) I DON'T MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS!

I will update you when the earnings come out and my thoughts on it all.

Have a great day
Steve Hoven

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