Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I have a New Poll PLEASE VOTE

I have gotten emails from people asking my thoughts on DFNS etc.. Well my thoughts are posted on this blog and I also post them on on the DFNS board.

Some people have mentioned they just found out about Stockdoubling and would like to get involved with the next pick. Well the next pick could be a good long while from now.

And since I normally find 4 OTHER stocks that are in the running to maybe us those in a different project. (I will still have the monthly project down the road as well)

But this 2nd project would be just like Project take $500 and try and double it once a year etc.. I wouldn't suggest anyone selling out of DFNS to get into the new project it would be a totally seperate project with different funds etc.. At least that is what I would suggest.

You can see the poll to the left and make your decisions and I will determine whether its worth my time to go ahead and do another TWIN project to

Let me know by voting.

Merry Christmas
Steve Hoven

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