Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday April 23rd

Happy Monday,

Hope your weekend was nice. It was nice and warm here so I got to enjoy some outdoors which was nice.
Still fighting a cold though I guess I should probably start eating right instead of junk all the time that might help.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the 5 stocks.

DFNS is up from the original post looking for a good Q1 in the coming weeks. They announced another order last week so holding on for a couple quarters should do us well.


GLDS is up the biggest % of them all so far from .275 to .40 today. They are closing their deals to buy the other companies. It will have a lot more shares outstanding but will revenue and can they get profitable?

AYSI this stock is the only one down of the 5. It had a major runup this year though so it was due for a bit of a fall. I actually hope it would fall into the low .50's after their Q2 and if Q2 #'s look ok then maybe pick it up there.

TSSW this stock is up a little bit. (The spread is big) Announced they bought another software packages which should increase revenues going forward etc.. If I was able to purchase in the .60 range I would probably be interested there.

CAGC this stock moved up on light volume. Is still up since my original post but has come down off its $3.70 area. A good stock they have an investment forum tomorrow in NYC which may or may not move the shares. I do own a few shares in my IRA. If they can continue to grow I think its a great stock to put away for a while. Good risk/reward for longer term investing. (12-36 months)

Have a good day
Steve Hoven

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