Wednesday, April 25, 2007

TSSW up after Q1

TSSW (one of my OTHER stocks ) released Q1 earnings already and they are pretty good.

They improved their revenues and their earnings are .03 for the quarter. If they could do .03 each quarter that is a .12 EPS. (They only did .06 EPS last year) I was figuring .10 EPS for the year. (which still could be the case I don't know.)

But assuming .12 EPS at 10x PE it is a $1.20 stock. At 15x PE its a $1.80 stock.

They announced about a week ago they bought some more software to roll out additional products etc.. They feel strongly that the revenue and earnings will continue to grow over this next year.

It didn't come back down at all like I had hoped in order to purchase some shares. I don't own the stock but it looks like a winner over the next year.

Its over $1 now. A nice stock for those who got in it. Too bad I wasn't able to.

I think DFNS will have the same type of gain when they announce Q1 in mid May.

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Steve Hoven

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