Monday, April 2, 2007

Monday April 2nd

Sorry for the delay. Not much to report except my Allergies are kicking my butt today and yesterday.

I did do some research on Saturday but nothing has really jumped at me yet. Shoot if you got something for me to look at that IS NOT A STORY STOCK. Send it to me I will take and look and maybe it will become the next pick. ( ) Must be GROWING and close to earning money if not already doing so. NO PINKS!

I am NOT going to rush things at all. I am still WAY ahead of schedule on the project so I have all kinds of time as far as that goes.

If I can kick the allergies I may get a stock in this week. But at this point I would probably say no. I still would like to get all my taxes done YIKES THIS YEAR with all the paperwork I got to do. Anyway I would like that done prior to picking a stock as usually I am pretty focused on the stock for the first few days after I pick it.

It is also a short week due to GOOD FRIDAY this week the markets are closed that day.

Anyway if I had to predict it would probably be next week but will see over the next couple of days.

Have a good day.
Steve Hoven

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