Friday, September 14, 2007

Sold AYSI, Update on CAGC and DFNS

Happy Friday,

I sold my AYSI shares (1500) in my IRA today at .44.

I bought them at .37 on September 4th. (You can read the blog on that date for more info on it etc..)

10 days and it gave me 15%+ after commissions I will take that. Nothing has really changed on the stock I still think the same things as I did back on September 4th. But if I can get that good of return that quickly I will take it.

If it falls back down to the mid/upper .30's I will consider getting in again but at this point I will just take my profits.

So as of now I just own CAGC and DFNS in my IRA. (In at $2.40 on CAGC read the August 27th blog for details on that. I look at CAGC as more of a 6-18 month stock that is why I am still in that even though that is up 15% in only a couple weeks as well)

I also own shares of DFNS for the stockdoubling project account.

As far as DFNS goes it is trading between .55-.60 lately. I can forsee it drifting down a bit until Q3 news. Assuming of course they don't come out with a news release on new orders etc...
I don't see any reason for the stock to trade outside the range of .50-.60 until further news comes out. If bad news comes out it could go below .50. If its good we will be back above .60 again.

The stockdoubling project entry was at .50 so even at .55 its still up 10%. No that isn't a ton but it is better than nothing. And unless bad news comes out I don't see a lot of downside risk past that point.

Those that get tried of waiting tend to exit their stock at these prices and move on to the next "HOT" stock. That has been my problem in the past and I won't do that with the StockDoubling project. Unless something changes with DFNS as far as sales/earnings/shares outstanding/etc... I plan on holding my position until $1 or at least close to it.

If the company doesn't come out with any more news the next time we can expect news is around Nov. 14th for the Q3 news. Which is 2 months from now I would think the company will have something to say about something between now and then though.

If the stock continues to drift down to the low .50's I will consider picking up some additional shares for my IRA and personal account.

Have a good weekend
Steve Hoven

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