Friday, October 5, 2007

The stock market

China stocks have been hot lately.
Some of the stocks I have looked at in the past or owned in the past have really moved over the last couple of weeks. They can be very rewarding and very scary at the same time.

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DFNS is asking .56 right now. Which is tempting but I think could come down a few more cents. If it does I will probably buy some more for my IRA.


I think we need to see some kind of good news IE a new order BEFORE the Q3 earnings.
That will get the momentum going and assuming Q3 is strong we can spring up to the .70's-.80+.

If we don't get any news I think its going to be tough for a HUGE move up after Q3. I would also be cautious about what Q3 will say. This is a company that is based on new orders coming in. And although they have said demand is strong it can dry up in a hurry for numerous reasons.
So if their isn't an announcement about a new order by NOV 9TH. I would worried about the prospects of this stock. I don't think the downside is a ton unless of course they come out with a horrible Q3. IE losing money etc.. But I don't think the upside is around the corner either if they can't close some additional orders.

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Have a great weekend.
Steve Hoven

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