Monday, October 1, 2007

Update on a few stocks etc...

Happy Monday Morning,

1. AYSI has moved up a bunch today. We got out of the stock for a nice profit a couple of weeks ago at .44. (bought at .37) it hit a high of .69 today! If you stayed in that stock CONGRATS! A lot of volume with that stock not something I am interested in right now but a nice recovery from prices in the mid .30's.

2. DFNS just closed their 3rd quarter yesterday so we have to wait 45 days to hear what their 3rd quarter results will be. I would hope between now and then though we would see some announcements for additional orders etc.. We are still in profit with the stock so we have some wiggle room. But would hope for some prices in the low-mid .60's before the announcement I don't know if we will get their though without news.

3. CAGC also just closed their 3rd quarter yesterday. This will be a VERY important quarter for them. They would need to see some very good #'s in order for their estimates to hold true. I think after their 3rd quarter announcement (Nov. 15th) you will see this stock close to $4 or below $2. If they are bad I think people will just bail and move on. If its good they will jump on board. I am looking more for a 6-18 month investment so I will take the bumps in the road plus I have a good fill at $2.40 per share.

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Have a good trading day,

Steve Hoven

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