Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bought more DFNS and contacted IR

I just picked up the last of DFNS that I could at .605 (FOR MY IRA)

I also just called IR (left a message) and sent them 7 questions I had via email. So I will let you know if I hear anything back.

The company seems confident that the revenue would continue. Let's see if the earnings will follow suit. I know they will probably take a $50,000 hit for the issuing of that 3 million stock back a month or so ago. So that may cut into earnings a little bit. (strictly for the legal fees etc I think I remember reading that somewhere)

But even if they do another .02 EPS for the quarter I think looking at good shape. I think they can do better then that though. I am HOPING for closer to .03 or .04. (Not sure if that is realistic though)

I would also like to see another contract release this month while we wait for Q2 earnings. That would be a GREAT boost to the stock going into earnings.

Even a release that ballparks what Q2 was on the revenue side etc.. Would be a GREAT HELP to get us to new highs.

It is the only stock I own at this point so I am hoping for some nice returns.
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Have a great day

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