Monday, July 30, 2007

Various news

Both HIHO and CAGC have had nice runs the last couple weeks. Looks like I got out of both in bad spots.

HIHO especially last week it rose to over $5 a share. And they haven't even announced a dividend. Doesn't look like they will either.

They have had other news releases which seem to be good for the longer term. Though I don't like it right now.

CAGC has moved as well.

Nothing new on DFNS I think it offers good risk/reward for the shorter term. Assuming they were able to turn their revenue into earnings.

If they lose money or earn very little the stock could fall to the .40's or low .50's on a quick reaction.

Based on what the company says though the revenues look strong.

FYI I never did hear back from DFNS investor relations on the questions that I had.

Have a good Monday.

Steve Hoven

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