Friday, July 13, 2007

StockDoubling Project is ALIVE!

Well, I am back. project isn't dead I guess at least not yet anyway.

The procedure went fine. (They put a camera down my throat to look at my stomach and stretched my throat out, I was having trouble getting certain foods down sometimes.)

Thank you for thoughts and prayers about it.

I was out of it a bit and don't remember a lot about it right after etc..

But I do remember that I am in DFNS and I still think it is a great stock to own. I did hear from the IR (Investor relations) at DFNS basically they are forwarding the questions I had to the company and will get back with me shortly. Since its the weekend now in the mid east I would expect hopefully to hear something back the first part of next week.

I will let you know if I find out anything of value from the answers.

We have to remember that when the StockDoubling project was started that the goal was for 1 winning stock in a YEAR! Well we were at Level 3 after just 14 months. So things went fast. Which may have spoiled us a bit but remember what the goal was. 1 stock to double in a year.
It has only been 3 months for DFNS so far and we are up roughly 20% from the .50 original purchase price. So we do have a little cushion.

The first 2 stocks I picked (GNBT, and PSIT) both took 4 months in order to double. And that is right around August 15th for DFNS. And I think we could really get a good move in the stock on that news assuming of course it is good news.

Time will tell, you need to ALWAYS evaluate stocks yourself don't just take my word for it. Not every stock I pick will be right for everyone. See if it fits what you are looking for and evaluate it yourself as well.


Have a GREAT weekend.
Thank you
Steve Hoven

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