Monday, July 16, 2007

Review of the 5 stocks!

No volume today on DFNS.

Since it was a quiet day lets review the 5 stocks that we selected back on April 9th 2007. You can read the original information on these stocks in the April 9th edition of the blog.

DFNS .(50) currently .61 up 22% so far. This was the pick for the StockDoubling project. I have gone into great details about this stock and won't rehash it all. It is still my only holding that I have. I am waiting for information on my questions from the company yet. And August 15th is the big day.


GLDS (.275) currently .33 up 20% so far. This stock has recently changed the name of the stock and the symbol which is now AIRI I haven't followed the company that closely. They are finishing up a great deal of acquisitions and their sales will be UP dramatically. They have a great deal of stock outstanding though and will probably have a bunch more with the added expenses etc.. They did say they would be profitable but how many shares will be out there will be key. I wouldn't be surprised to see a reverse split on the stock this year either. (which are usually not good) But it would bring the # of shares down and the price up at least temporary. Its a hard stock to gauge at this point. (smells too much like ATSX as far as issuing stock I am hesitant.)

AYSI (.67) currently .41 down 39% so far. This stock has been the disappointment of the group. It has had a HUGE run this year though. The company had disappointing Q2 earnings which rocked the stock. I don't think they will come close to my April 9th earnings estimates I had but they could still earn a good amount this year. They are growing revenues quickly and the top 2 guys in the company own 73% of the stock so the float isn't much. The .40 area could hold for some support. If it doesn't I think .30 will. Its a higher risk stock just because its so small. But if they produce a good Q3 this stock should get back to the .60's+.

TSSW (.76) currently $1.80 up 137% so far. This stock has been the winner of the group so far. They are also a small company but growing rapidly. They are earning money and people are loving this stock again. I think it is a little pricey at these levels but the company seems to be running full steam ahead so we will see where it goes.

CAGC ($2.90) currently $3.70 up 27% so far. This stock I have talked about a lot recently so you can review those posts. Basically the company is profitable and growing at a good rate. Has some good potential going forward to be a nice stock. Not a ton of downside but not a double I don't think within 6 months either. Decent risk/reward for a longer term holder 12-18+ months.

If you put $100 in each stock based on the posting price on April 9th you would have invested $500. Based on today's closing price your $500 would now be worth $667 or a 33% return for just over 3 months! And I think if you check back 3 months from now most of those stocks should be higher.

Have a great day
Steve Hoven

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