Monday, July 2, 2007

CAGC out at $3.20

I sold my CAGC this morning at $3.20. (Lost .01 per share)

It is up from APRIL 9TH coverage ($2.90)

I still think it is a solid stock for the long term and if it can get 15x PE its still a $5 stock this year.

I still felt for the bigger move ($7) or so would have to wait a little longer than I wanted to. I don't think it will run huge any time soon anyway so If I decide its ok to come back in maybe I will jump back in.

But at this point all I own is DFNS. (I have NOT purchased additional shares from proceeds of HIHO and CAGC at this time. Though I may in the future.)

I am in a jittery after those 2 stocks disappointed. (Though their sell offs haven't been too dramatic) I will probably contact DFNS this week just too see if I can get some information out of them to calm me down a bit LOL.

I think HIHO and CAGC are still solid but the news they have put out changes their outlooks at least for me from weeks and months to year or years before valuations are worthy of a stock price I would like to see.

Talk to you tomorrow.
Steve Hoven

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