Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BeforeItMoves.com Price Increase

BeforeItMoves.com Stock Video Ebook price is jumping hopefully later this week.

Currently just $47 for the Stock Video package of how I find stocks to pick for the StockDoubling project. That price will more than double to its normal $97 price late this week. (Depending on clickbank approval)

So if you want to save $50 check out the site now.

You will still have an 8 week money back gurantee so if it isn't for you. Get a full refund.

I will be using these same videos for the other stock project that is coming online that will be available next month. I use this information to find the stocks that I feel have great potential for gains.

The information in the videos is what I use each and every time I am looking for stocks to buy myself.
Whether you are looking for longer term horizons or short term this can help.

Here is one example of a stock I covered back on May 24th 2006 (14 months ago) It was part of the "OTHER" stocks for stockdoubling.com
(The following was written for the May 24th stockdoubling email in which I covered PSIT.)

"TBSI $5.90 This company is making good money should earn well over $1 EPS this year. It is trading at 3-5X P/E and is just below book value. Has good value and could be a good double. Down side it is in a down trend on the chart and I don't know that it is finished going down yet. Oil prices effect this company. Maybe the safest pick of the bunch if you hold for a while. But could go under $5 as well."

If you look at a chart for TBSI you can see its amazing run its had. The downtrend wasn't quite over at the end of May it got down to the low $5's as thought but holding it for this 14 months would have returned a HUGE profit! It hit $39.99 just a week or so ago!!! I never owned the stock myself but putting myself in front of SOLID stocks to own gives a great opportunity to make good money.

Or even just as recent as April 9th 2007. One of our "OTHER" stocks was TSSW.

(This was posted on our blog on April 9th)

"TSSW .76 This stock has also moved up a bit in the last month or two. They are also a very small company having revenue of just over $3 million for 2006. But they made .06 EPS and grew about 100% last year. They seem to have things together and their websites (which is how they sell) are ever increasing in hits each month. They also have plans for other products that could increase revenues. Insiders own a good deal of this stock (35%) Issue is I am looking for a double in price or $1.50 can this stock get there. A $1.50 stock price would mean a $20 million marketcap for a company that may do $5 million this year in revenue. EPS does matter but where will they be even with .10 EPS for the year I would need a 15 x EPS. Which for the industry they are in is very low but it is also a small stock. I think it has potential to go higher I would like to see a bit lower price though first."

If you check a chart for TSSW you can see a move to OVER $1.90 a share. It has since fallen after a BIG MOVE UP. I would still think the stock should trade in the $1.00-$1.80 range the rest of the year. Again getting in front of a nice move can make you money. Thats why I called it BEFOREITMOVES!

Check out www.BeforeItMoves.com to get your Stock Video Ebook. It is how I trade!

Have a great trading day
Steve Hoven

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