Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Blowout or disappointing? No inbetween

The more I think and look at DFNS.

I think DFNS will either have a blowout quarter or a very disappointing quarter. I don't think it will be anywhere in between.

By a blowout quarter I mean $5+ million in revenue and .02+ in EPS.
By a disappoint quarter I mean $4 million or less in revenue and breakeven or lower EPS.

The more I look at the #'s I see myself either being dead on with the positive #'s. Or WAY OFF which would be the disappointing #'s. I also don't like the reaction the share price has been giving lately now under .60 again.

I think after the #'s we will either see .80's for share prices on a blowout quarter or .40's for a disappointing quarter.

Based on the comments from management I would tend to still say they will be blowout. However the key is can they turn the revenue into earnings!!

7 more trading days until we find out.

As far as the monthly stock selections (3 picks a month etc..) I still have plans for that but I don't want to unroll that until I have the time needed to provide all the picks etc.. Doing the research etc.. So it will probably be the tail end of August before that is going to be released.

have a great trading day
Steve Hoven

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