Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Project I need your picks

The New stock project I will release after labor day in a nutshell is the following....

Find 1 maybe 2 stocks in a month that I think over the next 30-60 days can move up 10-30%. I will personally put in $400-$600 in each stock and sell them after it hits the target. (Which of course you will know about etc..)

The stock picks will be FREE no monthly charges at this time I just will have a donation page up if the picks are good you can donate etc.. We will see how it goes for the first couple of months that way and reevaluate it down the road.

I think the stock market is in for a wild ride (both up and down) over the next 2 months so it is an interesting time to start this project but I will give it a go.

If your funds are limited I would NOT take any money out of the stockdoubling project stock in order to do this. The StockDoubling project is for long term gains. And one of the reasons I started it is because I jumped in and out of stocks too much. And maybe its a mistake doing this new project only time will tell but I am not touching my stockdoubling project $$$ for this.

It is for fun and a way hopefully to make some money off the additional stocks that I like etc.. I will be doing the same process I use when finding StockDoubling picks so the #'s will be their it won't be based on HYPE etc..

Those of you whom have purchased the Stock Video/Ebook if you have suggestions on stocks to look at I would LOVE to hear them. I will take a look at them and maybe it will be the first pick for this new project.

I will have a new site and list and blog for this new project probably sometime next week. So that it isn't confusing those who just want to be on the StockDoubling project list.

So if (and ONLY IF) if you purchased the Stock Videos and if you have a stock please email me the stock and your thoughts on it.

Send to with the topic "New Project Stock".

FYI I would also suggest not doing this project if you are going to be putting in less then $250 in a stock. Commissions will be roughly $14 by the time you buy and sell the stock. So if the gain is 10% or $25 on $250 its $11 profit. If you are doing less then $250 minimum I wouldn't suggest doing it, it may not be worth it after all the fees etc.. Each stock will be different some I will look for 10% some 30% etc..

Let me know your stocks and your thoughts on the new project.

Have a great day
Steve Hoven

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