Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Earnings for DFNS were released after the bell on Tuesday August 14th.

Overall it is pretty good news.

Highlights.... Margins are UP and company says will stay up. Revenue is nice at $5.6 million Didn't issue many more shares still under 29 million. Backlog still around $7 million after big revenues. Lowlights.... Taxes got WHACKED!!! Almost 50% taxes due to interest and issues dating back to 2002. I would like to know for sure if that is totally handled now? That is almost .01 EPS right there because of that. Currency exchange got hit on that. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A very good report based on what I see. Not an out of the park report due to the tax issues but very good.

Earnings were just under .02 (They rounded up to .02)

One of the reasons I wanted .025+ on earnings is because I think this will be DFNS biggest quarter for the year.

I don't foresee $1 any time soon. But I don't think it will hit .30 either.

As far as where it will go today I don't really know. Without the tax issue I think it could have hit the high.70's. Because of it could go down a some or up a little.

I may or may not exit some of my excess shares that I have if I get a good price for them. I WILL NOT SELL MY STOCKDOUBLING SHARES AT THIS TIME.

I will post more on today's price action after the market opens.
DFNS should probably also have a press release come out as well sometime today.

Have a good trading day
Steve Hoven

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