Thursday, August 16, 2007

DFNS press release is out

DFNS came out with their press release. They didn't say a whole lot expect this....

"Our enhanced sales and marketing efforts are already paying off, as we are receiving new orders from new significant customers world-wide. An example of this is our recently announced order for a body armor product from a new client from a CIS country."

So that is good news for future orders.

I would like to see some more order announcements between now and mid September to have any effect on this years revenue and earnings.

Anything after that probably won't effect this years earnings at all.

So unless we hear from the company about new orders etc... We won't hear from them again until mid November with the 3rd quarter earnings release.

The StockDoubling project is a 1 year project per stock. (though we have done it on average less then 4 months for the other ones) We are only 4 months into DFNS and we are still up over 20% right now. Not amazing but still what many people would LOVE over 1 year.

Assuming the company doesn't come out with bad news. (IE lost contracts, lawsuit, issuing more shares etc...) I wouldn't think the stock should see much lower than around .50 (which is our purchase point.)

Assuming the company doesn't come out with good news. (IE new orders, buyback, buying company etc..)
I wouldn't think the stock should see much higher than .70.

So I think we are range bound in the .50-.70 range for a while.
I think their is more possibility of GOOD news over the next 3 months then their is bad news though.

I still think its a good medium term buy if you can get it for .50. But short term its a little top heavy at .70

I am in and looking forward to good news coming from DFNS.

Have a good trading day.

Steve Hoven

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