Wednesday, August 8, 2007

DFNS $1.2 million contract news

DFNS just came out with news on a new order.

$1.2 million new order should deliver in Q3.

here is some other notes about the news release.

"Joseph Postbinder, CEO of Defense Industries said: "We are extremely pleased with this initial order for this customer. An important factor in this customer's decision was our ability to deliver a competitive quality product in a prompt manner. In addition to enhancing our momentum in the Israeli military market, we have been focusing our efforts on expanding our international reach. Our sales and marketing efforts are already paying off, as we are receiving new orders from new significant customers world-wide. Moreover, as we noted at the beginning of the year, when we announced our first orders from the Israeli Defense Ministry, we are continuing to witness a shift in the Israeli Defense Ministry's attitude towards the importance of personal military protective equipment. We see the stream of orders from the Israeli Defense Ministry as an ongoing source of revenues for us and we anticipate significant growth opportunities in this domestic military market segment in the future."

You can view the entire news release at

This $1.2 million and the $1.5 million news a couple weeks ago is great news. Based on past margins (doesn't mean they will get those margins on these orders.) these 2 orders mean $2.7 million in revenue and mean almost $500,000 of gross earnings. That is .01-.015 gross earnings per share. And in the .01 EPS which at a 10x PE is a .10 move in the stock.

6 more trading days until the Q2 release.

DFNS went from 0 volume to about 50,000 volume in 30 minutes on the news and is up a few cents.

Have a great trading day.
Steve Hoven

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